What is the CRCT Assessment Exam
CRCT Test Taking Skills

The Georgia CRCT Assessment Exams are given to all students who are in the elementary and middle schools, grades one through eight. These assessment tools were designed to measure how well students have mastered the academic standards as instituted in the statewide curriculum by the Georgia Professional Standards. These exams cover the subject areas of reading, English/language arts, and mathematics, social studies and science.

It is mandatory that all third grade students perform at grade level in order to be considered for promotion to the fourth grade. I do say considered, because there are alternative measures that a student can satisfy (If the student fails to meet the minimum standards on the CRCT exam) in order to be promoted to the next grade level. You will need to contact your local school for these alternative measures needed in order to be promoted to the next grade level.

The CRCT measures how well the students has gained and retained the knowledge and skills that were presented in the state curriculum. The purpose of the test is:
(1)To ensure the students are learning
(2)To provide data to teachers, schools, and school districts to modify instructional curriculum if the students are not obtaining the GPS standards

How are the students scored?

A student will receive one of three scores on the CRCT exam: (1) Does Not Meet Expectations (2) Meets Expectations and (3) Exceeds Expectations 

Students with limited English proficiency may receive a one-year deferment from the content area assessment except for mathematics. 

How Can We Help Your Child To Succeed On The CRCT?

We have FREE Internet resources that you child can practice independently to master the social studies and science skills. All it takes is for your child to sit down at the computer, and watch these animated videos. The site that I am specifically talking about is http://brainpop.com.  To take advantage of this site, you would be required to pay a subscription fee of $9.95 a month to Brainpop.com. $9.95 a month? What a deal!!!!!!. Now, we also have FREE Internet resources on our web site that you can also use. We will create a webquest for you so you will be able to directly access there FREE websites.

If you are reading this article, I would like to ask you the following  questions:

(1.) Do you specifically know the Georgia Professional Standards Curriculum that you child needs to master this year in order to pass the Georgia CRCT?( and the GATEWAY in Gwinnett County).

(2) Are you aware of all the specific standards that your child will be tested on in math, reading, language arts, science and social studies?

(3) If you are aware of all these standards, have you tested your child on each of these standards to make sure that when you child is presented with these  GPS standards on the exam, he/she will be able to answer it correctly?

Here are a list of math standards for the sixth grade in mathematics:
1. Estimation 
2. Properties of Addition and Multiplication  
3. Order of Operations  -
4.  Prime and Composite Numbers 
5. Divisibility Rules 
6. Prime Factorization 
7. greatest common factor
8. Least Common Multiple of numbers  
9.Addition and subtraction of fractions 
10. addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication of positive and negative integers  11.Understand the four arithmetic operations as they relate to positive rational numbers
12. Compute with and convert between different forms of positive rational numbers
13. Understand the concepts of ratio and proportion, and solve problems using proportional reasoning
14. Determine the surface area and volume of solid figures
15 Use variables to represent unknown quantities in formulae, algebraic expressions, and equations
16.  Utilize data to make predictions
17. Determine the probability of a given event
I hope you see my point, and this is just in mathematics!  How about all the GPS Standards in social studies, language arts, reading and science.

Another question, do you want your child to (1) Does Not Meet Expectations (2) Meets Expectations and (3) Exceeds Expectations 

We can make sure that your child is  familiar with each  of these standards by drilling them on each standard making sure that they have a complete understanding of the GPS concept.

Don't wait until a week before the test is administered, prepare now for your child's educational future

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