Smart Board Interactive Websites
4.  With endless patience and unlimited examples, the computer is a great tool to help students practice math concepts.
 The key is matching the needs of the learner with meaningful resources
Interactive Resources: Simulations, Websites, Tutorials, Manipulatives, math, social studies
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11.  Smart Board Resources
K-3 activities to use on a SmartBoard - from Julie Thompson ... for primary students using sound and animation to make your Smartboard highly interactive ..

Science/Health | Math | History | Geography | Literacy |
 Language Arts | Drill & 

Grade Level Skills Help Pages
Elementary Interactive Smartboard Sites 
Everyday Math Manipulatives
Illustrated Math Lessons
Talking Calculator
Building Smarter ways to use the SMART Board an
d Support Math Core Content K-8


Time for Time
Interactive clock
Time Test




EdHeads SimpleMachines

EdHEads Weather

EdHEads Odd Machine 

Kathy Schrock 

Color Count

Letter and Vowel Sounds

General Smartboard sites

Smartboard Templates – k-2

Game Goo 

PBS Cyber Chase activities 

Great overall site with tons of links 

Eduscapes Smartboard


Invention at Play

Student Activity Center


Scholastic Interactives

Fractured Fairy Tales

Little Fingers Learning Games 

Great Sites for Using the SMART Board K-3 






Virtual Snowman

Create a Snowflake

Carve a Pumpkin

Health / PE 

Food Pyramid Activity

Speed Stacks 


Arts Alive - Name the instrument, composer, etc.

Thumb Piano Tunes



Primary Interactive Whiteboard Sites

Smarter SMART Board Use



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