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Algebra I
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Algebra I
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Introductory Algebra 1A
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Earth Science
Earth Science
1. PhET Collection 
2. Balloons & Buoyancy
3. Balloons and. Static Electricity
5. Glaciers
6. The Greenhouse Effect
7. My Solar System
8. pH Scale
9 Radioactive  10.Dating Game
11. Wave Interference
12. Wave on a String
13. Gas Properties
14. Gravity and Orbits
15. Molecules and Light Sound
16. Blackbody Spectrum
Introduction To Matter
Online Science  
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Science Interactive Simulations
Science Videos 
All Standards Excellent
6th.,7th., and 8th. Grade Science Standards 
 1. PhET Collection
2. Color Vision
3. Eating & Exercise
4. Gene Machine: 5. The Lac Operon
6. Natural Selection
7. pH Scale
8. Plinko Probability
9. Reactions & Rates
10. Salts & Solubility
11. Simplified MRI
12. Stretching DNA
13. Optical Tweezers and Applications
14. Density
15. Membrane  Channels
16. Neuron
17. Blackbody Spectrum
Biology Resources
Science Videos
 All Standards Excellent

Khan Academy Collection
1. Current  Economics
2. Finance
3. Bailout
4. Banking and Money
5. Valuation and Investing
6. Dallas Learning Solutions 
7. Collection
8. General Business 

History and Government
1. NROC Collection
2. American Government
3. U.S. History
4. U.S. Government and Politics for AP*
5. U.S. History for AP*
6. Dallas Learning Solutions Collection
7. U.S. History Before 1877
8. U.S. History Since 1877
1. Dallas Learning Solutions 
2. Collection
3. U.S. History Before 1877
4. U.S. History Since 1877 
1. NROC Collection
2. College Preparatory Physics
3. . ntroductory Physics
4. General Physics
5. Physics B for AP*
6. Physics C for AP*
Worked Examples
1. Khan Academy Collection
1. PhET Collection
2. Physics 
Physics: Slidshows,Videos, Lessons
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Introduction To Physical Science
Introduction To Motions and Forces
Introduction To Energy
Introduction To Matter
All Generes Animations, Videos, Lessons
Chemical Interactions

Physics Video Tutoring

1. NPresentations
2. NROC Collection
3. Developmental Math - 4.Trigonometry
1. Introductory Calculus
2. General Calculus
3. Calculo General (General Calculus in Spanish)
4. Calculus AB for AP*
5. Calculus BC for AP*
Worked Examples
1. NROC Collection
2. Developmental Math - 3.Trigonometry
4. Khan Academy Collection
5. Trigonometry
6. Pre-Calculus
7, Calculus
8. Differential 9.Equations
10.Linear Algebra

Calculus Video Instruction

Khan Academy Collection
Organic Chemistry
PhET Collection

Chemistry Resources

Science Videos All Standards Excellent

6th.,7th., and 8th. Grade Science Standards 

1. SIATech Collection
2. English Language Arts
3. Dallas Learning Solutions Collection
4. English Composition
1. Dallas Learning Solutions Collection
2. English Composition 
Language Arts I
Interactive Websites
Five Essential Elements 
of Reading
English Lessons On Videos
Language Arts PowerPoints
The Literacy Center 
for preschool/kindergarten
Georgia  Writing Assessment For 3rd., 5th., and 8th
Writing Strategy Guide.
For Teachers

Sentence Construction
1.Complex Sentences
2. Learn English Online
3. English Video Lessons
4 Quiz Sentence Types
Compound Complex               Sentences
6 Complex Sentences Exercises
7 Complex sentences video
8 Forming Complex Sentences with  Subordinating Conjunctions
Transition Words

Reading Assessment

Reading/MathPreassessment , Assessment,  and Post Assessment Tools

FREE  Phonics Lessons Index

Interactive Phonic Videos
Phonics Student Center

Phonics  / Online Interactives for personal computer and SmartBoard

Phonics Student Center

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Remedial Reading
Readquarium Interctive Reading
Reading Strategies A to Z in Alphabetical Order

Grammar Tutorials

Dolch Words  Games

Phonic Resources

Phonic Instruction and Resources

Excellent site for P through 3rd

Reading skills Interactives Grades 1 to 6 EXCELLENT

Step-By Step Classroom Strategies During Reading Class

The Writing Process

Language Arts All Skills

Beginning Word Famlies for Pre-School nd Kindergarten

Remedial Reading Strategies / A Course Curriculum A Linguist Primer

Reading Resources
Reading Resources in Alphabetical Order

Reading / Language Arts Resources

Four Square Writing

Four Square Writing Method

Four Square PowerPoint Presentation

Writing Resource Center
Planning  Organization
Source and Evidance
Writing Guides
Argument Clarity
Subnit An Essay

Lesson Plans / Instructional Videos / Examples step-By-Step Problem Solving / Simulations
Statistics & 
Science Common Core Standards Interactives and Videos
1. Kindergarten
2, First Grade
3. Second Grade
4. Third Grade
5. Fourth Grade
6. Fifth Grade
7. Sixth Grade

Science/Math Jams Instructional Videos / Interactives

Biology - Key Stage 4 (15-16 year olds)
1. Cells
2. Humans as Organisms
3. Green Plants as Organisms
4. Living Things in the Environment

Science - Key Stage 2 (7-11 year olds)
1. General Science Topics
2. Ourselves
3. Materials and their Properties
4. Plants and Animals
5. Light and Electricity
6. Earth and Space
7. Environment
8. Forces

Science Resources
TONS OF Science ReourcesExcellent

All Science Genres
1. Biology Resources
2. Chemistry Resources
3. Introduction To Physical Science
4. Introduction To Motions and Forces
5. Introduction To Energy
6. ntroduction To Matter
7. Chemical 8. Interactions
Science Resources Skills

Math, Science and SAT Prep Instructional Videos

Science/Math Jams Instructional Videos / Interactives

Science Instructional Videos with assessment interactive test Grades K through 12th.

Instructional Videos In Math and Science All Grade Levels

Math With Larry Dot Com / 160 Video Math Lessons / Worksheets

Math With Larry Dot Com / 160 Video Math Lessons / Worksheets

That  Quizes in Math,Science.Geography and Vocabulary

Math and Geometry PowerPoints

Math, Science and SAT Prep Instructional Videos
3000 videos

Math All Skills

Math With Larry Dot Com / 160 Math Video Lessons

Every Math Concept Possible For Elementary School

Tons Of Math Resources
Regents Exam Test Prep

Algebra Test Prep Center

A Self Study Course for Algebra 1

2000 Math Instructional Videos

A Self Study Course in Skills in Arithmetic

A Self Study Course in  in Plane Geometry

A Self Study Course in  The evolution of the real numbers

Instructional Math Common core Videos Grades 1 to 6th

Seventh Grade Common Core Standards Eith Lesson and Videos

Eight Grade Common Core Standards Eith Lesson and Videos

Developmental Math — An Open Program: Beginning Algebra
Developmental Math — An Open Program: Intermediate Algebra and Trigonometry
Developmental Math — An Open Program: Arithmetic, Geometry and Statistics

Work Examples

This is an excellent list of instructional videos that can be used in the classroom. These links contain instructional videos that allow the students to visually observe the following common core standards that are now being taught in the majority of the states. These instructional videos are also excellent for the unusual students who have the desire to teach themselves. 

Upon accessing each link, you will notice that all the math, history, and science Common Core Standards lesson are professionally organized. This allows the teacher to fully concentrate on teaching. 

Trigonometry Video Instruction

Algebra Video Instruction