Narrative Writing
Narrative Writing

A narrative writing is when you  tell a story of an experience( something you did, something that happened to you), an event, or sequence of events.

You must write the narrative so that is holds the reader's interest. Use colorful and descriptive language. Try to make the events being told entertaining.

Narrative writing is usually characterized by the following:

·1. It is written in the first or third-person
·2. It had characters, setting, and a plot
·3. It may include some dialogue between            characters(rising and falling action, climax)
·4. Organize the events in chronological /                  sequence order.( the order in which they               happened using transition words,first, second,              next, after, finally)

The general characteristics of a narrative writing include:

1.Revealing something of importance
Narratives make an import  point or sometimes a moral. It sometimes teaches the reader a lesson. This stated point is usually defined in the first sentence,  but may appear as the last sentence in the first paragraph .

2. Depicting characters and setting colorfully
bring the story to life by using your senses to explain  the events of the story; how do the characters and setting look, sound, feel, and smell. Include the important events that make up the story in specific detail so  your readers will understand what is happening. 

3. Showing, not telling
Use colorful and clear-cut verbs when describing your events. Again, use very specific details using adjectives, adverbs and prepositional phrases. Try to form a picture in the readers mind.

4. Presenting events in a clear, chronological order
Use a logical progression with good transitions when moving from part of the story to another part of the story. Research on the Internet examples of transitional words and phrases.

Narrative writing appears in a poetry, short stories, novels, personal essays, tall tales, and folk tales.