The Beginning, The Middle, And the End Of The Story
The beginning of the story  introduces the reader to the important purpose of the story. Here you will establish the  setting,  background, setting, and plot.

Writing a paper, or telling a good story in writing requires that you must be able to catch your readers interest. You catch their interest by telling them something in the first paragraph that makes them want to read on (The Introduction of the writing)


The Middle Of the story is  where the story is developed with events that need to be written in chronological order. This allows you to create a feeling of suspense, surprise or tension. You can do this by choosing a particular way of telling the story. Again, the  simplest way of doing this is to organize the events in chronological order, or  as they happen, first this, then this,  next,  further, finally,  which leads to the end of the story .

In the middle paragraphs,  you give descriptive details(using adjectives, adverbs and prepositional phrases) that support your beginning, and keeps the reader's interest. You will have events that need to happen in chronological order filled with suspense, colorful and descriptive sentences, and a plot that comes to a climax at the end of the story.


The ending of the story will be the resolution of the climax that has been building up during the story(This is call the rising action). Certain events , which have been happening in chronological order, finally are resolved. The ending of the story should  effect the reader emotionally.

Another way to end a story is to leave the conflict unresolved  so that the reader has to provide the ending based on the clues and hints left by you throughout the story. This allows the reader to user the clues from the story to infer the ending.

In the ending paragraph, you  summarize what you learned or gained from your experiences. Make sure that the reader understands why you wrote your story.  Always check to make sure that your story or paper makes sense, and communicates what you wanted to the reader to learn and feel.