Informative / Expository Writing
This is the writing of information. Its purpose is to convey an idea or information  to another person, persons, and be able to  demonstrate factual knowledge of the subject that you are writing about.

When writing an informational article,  you must choose a topic or issue to write about. On the Georgia Writing Assessment Tool, you will be given a writing prompt on a specific topic.

The next thing you must concentrate on is to FOCUS on this subject in your essay. Focus means  that you must draw attention to the topic or issue that you will be informing your audience about.
How Do We Create Focus?

You will need to begin your informative essay with a Thesis Statement.

How do you  generate a Thesis Statement if the Topic is Assigned?

The first thing you must do is to turn  your  assignment prompt into a question.

For example:”How will the computer lab benefit the students in our  elementary school”

You could turn the request into a question like;

What are the potential benefits of having a computer lab for our school?

After you’ve chosen the question your essay will answer, compose one or two complete sentences answering that question.


1. The potential benefits of a computer lab in our elementary school will allow our elementary school students to develop their research skills.

2. The potential benefits of a computer lab in our elementary school are the acquisition of research skills, the development of computer skills and the access to numerous educational interactive games on the Internet.

Now we have something to work with.  The subject is "a computer lab for our elementary school" , and the reader  knows exactly what can be expected from your  paper.  Finish the paragraph with facts that will want the reader to continue reading your article.
How to Tell a Strong Thesis Sentence from a Weak One.

The thesis sentence is the single most important sentence in the research paper. It defines the scope, direction, and limits of the research that a student is going to engage in, and states the position that he or she intends to prove.

" The purpose of the research paper is to collect facts, published by authorities, that support one's thesis (the proof). If a research fact does not agree with the thesis, don't use it. If one finds all or most of the facts disagreeing with  the thesis, one is probably supporting the wrong side of the controversial question. Go back and write a thesis sentence that supports the other side "(THE RESEARCH PAPER by Thomas R. Brown,
Mr. Brown's Cyber School)

Characteristics of a Strong Thesis Statement

1. A strong thesis takes some sort of stand.
2. A strong thesis justifies discussion.
3. A strong thesis expresses one main idea.
4. A strong thesis statement is specific.

In expository writing, it is important that you completely stay away from the first and second person pronouns.  Focus is often lost by placing emphasis on the writer or reader.

Examples of First and Second Person Pronouns

·First person - I took my money from the account.
·Second person - Jerry, tell your mother that you will be right there
·Third Person - Sally gave her mother a bracelet for Christmas.

Support For Your Thesis Statement 
A computer lab will allow the students to become computer literate.

This statement may be true, however, there is no reason for a reader to believe it, as it lacks support and specific details to convince the reader that your opinion of information is correct and valid.

Any statement which the reader is expected to believe should be supported with evidence!!

No paragraph should have fewer than three or four sentences. Each should have a topic sentence, which states the purpose of the sentence, and two or three sentences which provide evidence.

(The following are writing techniques and standards that a student could possibly be graded on when their essay is evaluated and scored)

1 The student introduces the topic in a clear, lively, and interesting                fashion
2 The student focuses on a main idea and supports it with explanations         and facts
3. The student uses an authoritative tone.
4. The student includes information from several sources.
5. The student presents information that has been organized in a clear,             understandable way
6. The student relates information in an objective way rather than                       expressing a particular viewpoint.
7. The student takes into account the point of view of the audience being         addressed.

The student will need to conclude his witting  with an interesting, detailed, but  brief summary of the the information that was present in their essay.
The mechanics such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar on the writing assignment need to be checked for accuracy.

Structure of a well developed essay

The writer must present a clear opening to his/her informative essay. The essay needs to begin with general information about the topic or writing prompt, then these general information statements will need to be developed into more specific , detailed bits of information.  The conclusion should summarize the information that was presented throughout the article, and the entire essay must be presented in an interesting, easy to read layout

Language features that need to be followed

The essay needs to be written in the present tense and in the third person or first person if the topic is personal.

When connecting one idea with another, this needs to be completed in a clear and coherent manner.

The statement in the informative writing should be mostly facts, but can contain opinions if it is written as a personal text.

The writer needs to pose rhetorical questions("A rhetorical question seeks to encourage reflection within the listener as to what the answer to the question (at least, the answer implied by the questioner) must be. When a speaker declaims, "How much longer must our people endure this injustice?" or "Will our company grow or shrink?", no formal answer is expected. Rather, it is a device used by the speaker to assert or deny something." ( to engage the reader's interest.