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Promethean/Activeboard Smathboard Technology
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Promethean/Activeboard Smathboard Technology
 Instruction/Activities In  All Subject Areas. Tutorials and gamesExcellent!Games
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Welcome To Elementary School Tutoring. 
Hi, my name is Richard Mentor, a STEM Educational Consultant for the Atlanta, Georgia  Metropolitan School Districts. This site is free and has been accesses for the past fifteen years  globally. The purpose of this site is to assists all teachers, educators, parents, and students with FREE instructional resources to  help in applying the STEM Curriculum integration into their classrooms. This home page is divided in to the following sections

1. Math and Science Resources and Curriculum
2. Language Arts Curriculum and resources
Social Studies Curriculum and Resources
4. Promethean, Projector and resources that transfers you to diverse resources in all subjects, some in alphabetical Order
STEM Website and STEM Resources for Elementary and Middle School.

The only way you can benefit from this site is to sit down at your computer, go between all the major categories and their sub menus on the home page. If you want to discover educational resources for the STEM  and the 21St. Century classroom, you are at the correct webpage for a great deal of a list of resources that have been tested to take you directly to the common core Skills that you desire for your classroom 

​We wish you the best in the journey discovering our site. As mentioned about, we are under reconstruction and the finish date will be 08/01/2024

Elementary / Middle School Tutoring
Implementing Common Sense Technology In Today's Classroom
Forth Worth, Texas
Under Reconstruction
Competition Date August 2024
For Tutoring in Fort Worth, Call 470 314 4135
90  Minute Assessment  $45----Instruction Per  hour $35   ------90 minute instruction $45 

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