Writing using factual details
Writing using factual details

When creating details in your writing, there are a few standards that you must think about as you add your details to a narrative, an informational or persuasive article.

When writing, you first must look for the following and most common writing errors:

Writing errors to look for in your writing are:

1.Sentence fragment: Do you have a complete thought in your sentence; a complete subject and a complete predicate? Do you have a dependent clause supported with an independent clause? Are you expressing a complete thought

2.Run On Sentences: Do your sentences run together? Do you have string-along sentences that are connected by multiple ands? Maybe you need to break some of your run on sentences into smaller individual sentences. Are you talking about more than one thought in your sentence?

3.Meaning unclear: Make sure you yourself can understand what you are trying to explain to your audience. Have a friend read the sentence, then have that friend tell you what he thinks you are saying.

4.Pronoun referent unclear: Pronouns in standard written English generally have antecedents, a word or phrase to which the pronoun is linked. This link generally establishes the reference or referent of the pronoun. The pronoun should agree in person and number with its antecedent. Make sure it agrees in gender and is the pronoun singular or plural.

5.Subject and verb don’t agree in number: Remember, if the subject is singular, the verb must be plural; if the subject is plural, the verb must be singular.

6.Voice inconsistent (switching between first and third person)

7.Needs More Transition Words: These are words or phrases that help bring two ideas together such as; consequently, clearly, then; furthermore, additionally, and, in addition, moreover, because, besides that, in the same way.

8. Verb Tenses change inappropriately: You must analyze you writing, making sure that you are expressing the correct tense; present, past and future.

When writing your details, become aware of the following issues. Detail:

1.shows the idea is true or important
2. is believable and supported by other facts 
3. is colorful, specific and creates a image in the                     readers mind
4. is written without errors in  conventions.                            (Grammar, punctuation & spelling, clarity)            
5.is written using appropriate transition                                 words as mentioned above.
6. is written using a variety of sentence                                  patterns.(simple, compound, complex,                                compound-complex sentences)

Stick To The Facts