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Money and Math / Measurement / Formulas Factmonster

Math Worksheets

Common Core Math Instruction Videos
K to Eight Grade

Interactive Math GlossaryMath Worksheets By GradeCommon Core Worksheets
First Grade
Second Grade
4th & 5th Grade
Fourth Grade
Fourth Grade Math Videos
Fifth Grade
Fifth Grade 2
Sixth Grade
Sixth Grade 2
Seventh Grade 1
Seventh Grade
Eight Grade  
Eight Grade 1
Algebra Curriculum
Algebra PowerPoint 
Algebra 1 Onlin
Word Problems Interactive
Educational Instructional Videos 
Interactive Math Games
E-Learning Interactive
(High / Middle School Math Videos)
(Math Videos K to High School)
Math Flip-charts K to 5th.
Math Worksheets By Grade
(Math Videos Lessons W/Exercises Grades 1 to 5 Excellent)
(Math Common Core State Standards)
Algebra Video Tutorials

How To Help Students With Learning The Multiplication Tables

Video Instruction For Math Common Core
Third Grade Math
Fourth Grade Math
Fifth Grade Math
Sixth Grade Math
Seventh Grade Math
Eight Grade Math

Georgia CyberAcademy CRCT Common Core 
Inter actives and Instructional Videos

First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade

Math Extras

Interactive Math Tools
Math Manipulative s
Online Math Games
Math Computation Practice
Stay Sharp Arcade
Math Instructional Videos 
CRCT Math Instructional Videos

Fractions, Decimals, Percents 
Number Sense 4-11 years
Number Sense Elem  
Number Sense Middle 
Number Sense High School
Online Quizzes
Numbers and Money

PatrickJMT: making FREE and hopefully useful math videos for the world!

Math Instructional Lessons
Interactive Math Glossary
Algebra / Geometry

Geometry Class Videos

Online Manipulative s For The Interactive Whiteboard

Teach Fractions
Online Manipulatives

Teach Shape and measurement
Online Manipulative

Interactive Videos

Homework Center

Language Arts PowerpointsCommon Core State Standards

1. For Teachers and Parents

2. Math Standards with Lessons and Videos

3. Common Core Math Standards with Lessons and Videos

4. Quick Links By Subject in Alphabetical Order / Interactive s / Lessons

Promethean / Smart Board / Projector Interactive Resources 

1. Elementary Links. All Subject Areas.

2. Middle School All Subject Areas.

3. High School . All Subject Areas.

4. Interactive websites by subjects area

5. Technology Instruction/
Activities In All Subject Areas. Tutorials and games

6. Promethean FlipCharts All Subjects.

7. K-6 Interactive all subjects

8. Interactive A A Activities All Subject Areas

​9. Visual Comprehensive Education for Interactive Boards / All 

10. Elementary Interactive Instructional Materials for Math, Language Instructional Materials for Math, Language Arts and Social Studies

Interactives Internet Resources / all subjects

Grades K through 6 educational resources

Primary Grades P-3 Educational Resources and Game

Middle Primary Grades 4 to 5 Educational Resources and Games

Middle School Grades 6 to 8 Educational Resources and Games

Teacher Tool Box
Excellent for Promethean

PowerPoint Resources

 Instructional PowerPoints 

 Instructional PowerPoints 1

Instructional PowerPoints 2

Language Arts Powerpoints

Pete,s PowerPoint Presentations

Elementary PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoints Subjects and Predicates

CRCT Resources
End-of-year Assessments

1. CRCT Practice Test

2. End of Year Assessment Test / All States in the the U.S.

3. Georgia CRCT Practice Test Grades First Through Eight

4. Reading / Math / Writing Assessment Tools With Answer Sheets

5. End-Of-Year Test Geades K through 12 grade / State of Virginia / Answer Sheets

6. Language Arts Interactive Web
sites Grades K Through Fifth

7. CRCT Games and Interactive All 
Subjects Grades K Through 8TH

8. Science, Math and Technology Interactive with immediate feedback

9. Quick Links by Georgia Professional and CORE Standards

10. Texas TAKS Achievement Assessment Tools Grades 3rd. through eight

Writing Assessment Tools for 3rd. 5th., and 8th. Grade

1. Writing Test Resources
2. Texas TAKS Writing Assessments
3. The Elements Of Style
4. Grammar Tutorials
5. Writing Tutorials
7. Effective Writing Practices
8. Glossary Of Grammar Skills
9. Bad Habits on the GMAT Sentence Correction Section

Interactive Videos

Homework Center

Writing Worksheets

Reading Worksheets

Word List

Writing Skills
Writing Assessment Grades 3, 5 and 6 All Skill

All Writing Skills Tutorial
Grammar Tutorials
Writing Tutorials

Writing , Reading Tutorials To Help You Succeed

 Principals Of Composition
 All Genres Of Writing

ELA Video Instruction
Second Grade ELA
Third Grade ELA
Fourth Grade ELA
Fifth Grade ELA
Sixth Grade ELA
Seventh Grade ELA
Eight Grade ELA

Reading Skills/Language Arts
Interactive Trading Skills K to 6th Grade

Interactive Word Level
Games K to 3Rd.

Elements Of A Story Interactive 

Teaching Reading Fluency
Dolch Word Games / Primary
How To Teach Fluency
Elementary Reading Strategies

Classroom Reading Strategies
9. 9th. Grade Language skils

Fifth Grade Reading Skills Videos

Common Core ELA Standards Video Instruction
 Grades K to 12 grade

Skills Listed In Alphabetical Order
Tons Of Reading Links 1
Tons Of Reading Links 2
Tons Of Language Arts Links 1

Tons Of Language Arts Links 2

Beginning Phonics
Reading and Literacy

Grammar Rules
All Language Arts Skills
Grammar Rules
English Grammar Videos
Grammar Gold
English Grammar For ESL

Literacy - Foundation
(3-5 year (3) 
Letters and Sounds
Songs and Rhymes

​Literacy - Key Stage 1
(5-7 year olds)
Letters and Sounds
Words and Spelling
Learning to Read

Literacy - Key Stage 2]
(7-11 year olds)
1. Punctuation
2. Grammar and Spelling
3. Poetry
4. Writing
5. Stories
6. Speaking and Listening
7. Shakespeare

Literacy - Key Stage 3 
(11-14 year olds)
1. Speaking and Listening
2. Writing
3. Poetry
4. Shakespeare

Common Core Language Arts Index Of Skills In Alphabetical Order. Pre-made Lessons with Interactive Assessments

First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade

Literacy Leaders
 Teachers and learners will find a wealth of resources and have the opportunity to share best practices for teaching students to effectively read, write, listen, speak, and think! This site will provide resources for teaching effective language skills
Use the search engine to find a specific topic

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Interactive Videos

Homework Center
World Factmonster

1.Ben Guide to Governments
2. Government Intro to US
3. Government 3 branches
4. Foundations Of U.S. Government
5. Greene Foundations of Democracy
6. Three Branches Of Government
7. Democracy Project
8. Roots Of Democracy

Social Studies Units By Grade
First Grade
Second Grade
THird Grade Standards
Fourth Grade Standards
Fifth Grade Standards
Sixth Grade Standards
Seventh Grade Standards
Eight Grade Standards
General Skills

Earth Science All Skills
A Complete course wit lessons and videos
History /Government All Skills
A Complete course wit lessons and videos
A Complete course wit lessons and videos
 History Interactives
Social Studies LinksSocial Studies InteractivesGrades K through 6
Grades K through 6Grades K through 6
Middle School Social Studies
Also great for elementary
Interactive and research sites


Social Studies PowerPoints

Resources Listed In Alphabetical Order
Social Studies Links 1
Tons Of Resources Fpr All Common Core
 Social Studies Links 2
Tons Of Resources Fpr All Common Core

Religious Studies
Links informing the student on all religions in the world
Grades K to 5.\ 
Lessons, Instructional Videos, Research Materials
Grades 6h thru 8th.
Lessons, Instructional Videos, Research Materials
High School
Lessons, Instructional Videos, Research Materials
 Instructional Videos
Lessons, Instructional Videos, Research Materials
7th Grade Interactives
7th Grade Links 2
7th interactives 3
7th Grade Resources 4
Instructional Videos
Social Studies Interactives
Excellent All Common Core Standards
Nova Videos
U.S. and World History
History, Government, Economics,Geography, Government

Interactive Quizzes
Grades 2 through 12

Famous Explorers
Famous Explorers

A complete Course wit lessons and instructional videos
Economics All Standards
Economics Lessons
Economics In The Early U.S.
Economics For Teachers 
Economic Change
Excellent for middle school
Modern Economics
Excellent For Middle School
Economics Tutorial
Great for grades 5 through 12th
Economics Online Games
Teaching Economics
Great for teachers and elementary and middle school
Economics Complete Course
History Government
A complete course with lessons and instructional vodeos

Civil and Revolutionary Wars

Early  American Images
Animated History Of The Revolutionary War
Complete movies, Scenes of battles Absolutely Excellent
Revolutionary War Videos
Animated History Oh the Civil War
Civil War Videos
Revolutionary War Video2 
Civil Battles
Civil War Battles 2
Videos From Early America
Revolution Teaching Menu
Revolutionary War Battles Map
Events Leading To The Revolutionary War Games
Revolutionary Interactive Map Quiz Of battles
Revolutionary War Interactives
American Revolution
Civil War Animated Maps

World War II
Animated History Of World War II In Europe

Animated History Of World War II In The Pacific

Social Studies Interactives

Social Studies Interactives 
Social Studies Interactives2 
Map Games
Latitutude Longitude Games
Maps Millionare Game
SS Games
SS Games 2
Interactive US History Map
A Tutorial showing how the U.S. expanded and territory was added to our country
History Interactives
Complete history of the forming of our nation to the present
Explore America - Interactive Activities
Excellent, Lessons, Animations and Videos

Internet Resources For All History Standards

Civil War Animated Maps
Our collection of animated maps bring battles of the American Civil War to life, complete with troop movement animations, narratives, video, and more.
Animated Battles Of The Civil War Google Page

Interactive Resources By Grade Level

History Interactives lessons 
Geography Interactive Maps
USA Maps
First Grade Interactives
Second Grade Interactives
Third Grade Interactive
Fourth Grade Interactives
Fifth Grade Interactives
Sixth Grade Interactives

Standards By  Category

Early American Interactives
covers material before the Europeans landed and to present
Lessons and interactives
interactive sessons and lessons
Digital History
Covers the entire history of America. A complete curriculum also with textbook
Great Depression PowerPoint
PowerPoint  World History
Social Studies PowerPoints
Africa Resources
7th Internet Resources
India Resources
With games 
History Videos
Tons of videos explained by Khan Academy
US History YouTube
John Green teaches you the history of the United States of America in 46 episodes!
American History Videos
History viewed through the eyes of Hollywood, and even well-meaning historians, is rarely 100% accurate. However, history-based dramas, documentaries and news programs are valuable ways to gain insight into historical subjects.history viewed through the eyes of Hollywood, and even well-meaning historians, is rarely 100% accurate. However, history-based dramas, documentaries and news programs are valuable ways to gain insight into historical subjects.
Interactive Printing Press

Middle/ Elementary   School Social Studies wth lessons and videos

Black History
Civil Rights
Great Depression
Historical Documents
Historical Speeches
Moving West
American Revolution
Civil War
World War One
World War 2
Ancient History
Age Of Exploration
Medieval Europe

Geography and Maps

Geography Interactives
Geograpy PowerPoints
Geogtaphy Game
Geography Common Core

Landforms Interactives and PowerPoints
Map Interactive
Map Skills
Maps That Teach
U>S> Map INteractives
Maps Interactive
Physical Geography 
Rivers and coast
Major Rivers Of U.S.
States Places Maps
States and Capitals
States Maps
Latitude and Longitude
Physical Geometry

interactive Videos

Science Interactives
Elementary Science Websites
A list of 54 science web-links with each having a description of what information van be found when accessing
Science Worksheets
270 science worksheets for grades K through 5th
Study Jams Excellent
Math and science instructional videos with assessments grades k through 5th
Science Links 1
Tons of science standards list in alphabetical order
All Common Core Standards
Science Links 2
Tons of science standards list in alphabetical order. All Common Core Standards
First Grade Science Units

Science Units By Grade

First Grade Science Units
Second Grade Science Units
Third Grade Science Units
Fourth Grade Science Units
Fifth Grade Science Units
Sixth Grade Science Units
Seventh Grade Science Units
​Eight Grade Science Units

Elementary Standards with lessons and instructional videos and animations

 First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade 
Fifth Grade 
Science Games/Activities
Interactive Zone
Elem Online Science

Science Simulations/ Animations and Instructional Videos
Biological Animations
(short animations of biological processes)
Learn Genetics
A complete curriculum with animations, simulations, tutorials and virtual labs
Biology and Cells
Tons of resources, videos and animations
Science Pages Standards
All Science Standards
Science All Core Standards
links and pages to all science common core standards
Science Videos 
skoool.co.uk is an Intel® driven initiative that brings you highly innovative, interactive and exciting learning resources via cutting edge technologies and devices
All Science Genres
Simulations and animations all science skills
Science Simulations
Lessons and videos
Middle School Interactives
here are five games covering the five sub-topics: light, sound, forces & motion, earth & beyond and electricity
Instructional Videos
Science Experiments
Interactive Diagrams
Label Parts
Physical Science Animations


Science Games /Activities
Science Instructional videos
Over 2000 videos all sciemce standards
Science Interactives
Excellent All Science Common Core Standards. Scores of reinforcing interactives
Science Games
Science Interactives 3 to 6
Instructional Interactives
Elementary standards
All Standards, resources an interactives. Lesson plans, Interactives and worksheets
Fourth and Fifth Grade Jepordy

Teaching Curriculum
All About Sear and Oceans
Learn About Oceanography
All Science Standards 
All Science Instructional Videos, All Common Core Standards

Environmental Science / Instructional 
A course with lessons and instructional videos

Physics Instructional
A complete course with lessons, videos and animationa
Science Of Biology
Complete course with lessons, videos and animations

Earth Science
Topics include spsce sciencs, plate tectonics, mineral rocks, water science and maps reading
Introd to Physical Science
A complete course
Motion and Forces
A complete course
Introduction To Energy
A complete course
Introduction To Matter
A complete course
Chemical Interactions
A complete course
6th., 7th. 8th. All Science
All Commomn Core Science Standards lessons, interactives and videos
Life Science/Biology Tutorials

Teacher Animations 
Teacher Made Animations on the following topics
Physiology Biodiversity Microbiology Regenerative Biology Evolution Neurobiology immunology The Biology of Cancer

SCience Animations, Movies, Interactive, Tutorial Links

Bainpop Life Science Movies

Inner Life Of Cell Animation

Science Animations
Movies & Interactive Tutorial Links 

Animated Science: 
All Science Skills

Geology Animations, Interactive Exercises, and now... Songs

Lectures with animations
Anatomy and Physics

Physical Science Lessons With Animations

Science Animations for Grade School
All Fields Of SCience

Animations and Quizzes
Ecology, Evolution, physical Science, Plant SCience

Animated Tutorials: Environmental Science

Animations All Common Core State Standards
Animations of Life, Earth, Environmental, Physics, AStronomy, Chemistry, Math Tools

Fun with Science Animations! 
Animations of different Science common Core Standards

Middle School Worksheets Pysical Science

Science: Middle School Games

Solar System Game

Science Vocabulary Hangman

Cells Alive

Science Games
All standards

Science Interactive Sites for Smartboard Use – Grades K - 5 
Tutorials and lessons

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Math Teaching Charts

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