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It has been known for many years that young people who don't complete high school face many more problems in later life than do people who graduate.  While national leaders have demanded that schools, communities, and families make a major effort to retain students, the dropout rate remains high
Free educational resources for parents, students and teachers. Top 1000 educational web sites, interactive games, CRCT practice test, ESOL educational sites, kindergarten and Pre-K educational sites. Resources are organized by Subject Area for easy access!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Interactive websites provide standards-based cross curricular web resources designed to enhance online learning opportunities.  These sites interact with the user usually through either a text-based or graphical user interface. Interactive online basic skills games for students of all ages in math, science, language arts and reading. Grades K to 8th.
Why students have a problem with reading, target the problem. Welcome to Target the Problem!, a tool to help parents and classroom teachers understand the specific problems a child may be having with reading. You'll find practical suggestions on what you (and kids themselves) can do to help students overcome or deal with their reading difficulties. 
Educational Web Links for parents who are home schooling their children.
Math sites with educational games, articles, lesson plans, instructional strategies and etc.
Teacher Tools on lesson plans, classroom management, etc
Methods and techniques in encouraging stutents to...............................
Algebra worksheets with answers. Online interactive worksheets with correct answers
The 6 steps of the writing process are discussed: 1.Prewrite  2. Draft  3. Revise  4. Edit  5. Review  6. Publish. FREE printables to help get your child started on their successful creative writing assignments, and other writing links of interest.
Miscellaneous links for ESOL, Kindergarten, pre-school, special education and test taking skills and all academic subject areas.
This is an excellent educational site for pre-schoolers through second grade. Most schools in the Atlanta area use this web site in their classrooms daily. I highly recommend it!!!!
This is an excellent educational site all teachers, parents and students on the instruction of the components of a paragraph, and how to write an effective paragraph.
This is an excellent educational site all teachers, parents and students on  elementary educational games by subject. NOTE: click on STUDENTS to access games.
Animated Science, Health, Technology, Math, Social Studies and English movies, comic strips, activity pages and school homework assistance via email --Subscription is $9.95/mo
NOTICE:Upon entering this site, on the left side, click on STUDENTS to access the games.
This is an excellent site for Pre-K and Kingergarten, and also K through 5TH.
Each topic listed  can have lessons, solvers that show work, an opportunity to ask a free tutor, and the list of questions already answered by the free tutors. There are 17 pre-algebra topics available for instruction.

Mathematical Interactivities - Puzzles, Games and other Online Educational Resources

Language Arts Interactivities on sentence structure, subject verg agreement, adverbs, adjectives, pronouns, etc.
Resources for talented and gifted students. These resources are for parents and teachers. Provides information on the integration of these students in the regular general education environment
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