Creating a Character
Creating a character

When you meet someone, you notice many things about their behavior. You observe their actions, and listen closely to what they say. You notice how they relate or get along with other characters, and how the other character responds back to them.

Learning About Characters

Characters in a story fit into one of two categories, static (unchanging) or 
dynamic (changing). 

The character that is talked about the most in the story is called the main character. 

Readers can learn about your characters by making sure the following traits are written about your characters in your narrative story:

1. Physical traits- how they look physically
2. Dialogue- - how they talk, communicate
3. Actions- their behaviors, are they helpful,        nice, selfish, etc.
4. Attire- the kind of clothes they where
5. Opinions- how they think about things
6. Point of view- are they against or for                something.

Characters can be rich or poor, young or old, male or female. It is important that all characters show some kind of emotion such as happiness, pain, joy and etc.

You must make your character come to life.