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JAMS Scholastic) – Interactive information, vocabulary and quizzes on numerous subtopics in science and math. You can find over 200 Jams on topics like The Universe, listen to songs about Landforms, and test yourself on concepts like Range.

Wind Energy Activities 
And other Science Topics Activities

Animal Kingdom
Find out which animal can mimic a car alarm, how to become a zoologist, the cool facts about Gila monster, and so much more! Be sure to impress your science teacher and friends by telling them of your findings on Kids Ahead!

Science of Energy Curriculum 

Science & Technology Concepts (STC) Elementary Curriculum

 Educational Technology Guy
Free resources for teachers, educational ideas and tips, educational topics, Personal Learning Networks, Project Based Learning, Google, Evernote, Discovery Education and more.

1Physical Project Ideas   

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Science Interactives

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Fifth Grade Science Standards
Biodiversity Teacher Animations
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Scientific Method
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Wonders Of The World
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Biology, Chemistry, and Physics 
Human Body
Food Webs
Plants and Flowers
Going Green

Science PowerPoints Resources

1.  Astronomy 
2.  Biology
3.  World Of Teaching Biology
4.  Botony
5.  Chemistry
6.  World Of Chemistry
7.  Earth and Space
8.  Energy
9.  Electricity
10. Environmental Science
11. General Science
12. Human Body
13. Nanoscience
14. Physics
15Teaching World Of Physics
16. Zoology
More Science Experiments
 For The Classroom with Animated Instructions
Great For Elementary School

Elementary Energy Infobook Activities
A companion guide to the Elementary Energy Infobook that includes activities to reinforce general energy information, energy sources, electricity, and conservation.
Table of Contents
Standards Correlation Information
Teacher Guide
Renewable Energy Bingo Instructions
Critical Thinking Questions
Forms of Energy Crossword
Natural Gas
Energy Source Matching
Energy Source Crossword
Renewable or Nonrenewable 1
Renewable or Nonrenewable 2
Where We Get the Energy We Use
Parts of an Atom
Electricity 1
Electricity 2
Renewable Energy Bingo

Primary Stem Reources On Energy

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
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Science Worksheets

900 Project / Problem Solving Learning Activities
The SMILE program was designed to enhance the elementary and high school learning of Science and Mathematics through the use of the phenomenological approach. For a brief course description/syllabus, click here. For a brief history of the course, click here.
  Between 1986 and 1997 each summer session participant was asked to create and publish a single concept lesson plan. These lesson plans include the materials needed, a suggested strategy and expected outcomes. There are currently almost 900 of these lesson plans available (see subject indices below). In addition, starting in 1997 the participants in the academic year program have been asked to present a brief single concept lesson or idea. Summaries of the academic year lessons are at academic year notes. All of these lessons are available in the following formats:

A CD-ROM with all of the lessons (summer and academic year) and links from both this and the SMART web sites for $15.00US to a US address ($20US outside the United States). Contact Roy Coleman at Morgan Park High School for availability.
Listings by subject are available by linking to any of the following:


STEM Education Definition
STEM Educational Glossary
Science E-Learning
All Science Common Core
Learn About Ecology
What is Kids do Ecology (KDE)? | What Does the Website Include? What is the Scientist in the Classroom Program? | Careers | Endangered Species | Frequently Asked Questions |
What is Ecology?
General  Science Links
Real-World STEM Problems  for middle school
Primary science resource packages
Science Master Tools
 They are designed to be interactive tools and simulation environments that enable and encourage exploration and discovery through observation, conjecture, and modeling activities
STEM Career Websites for Students
Literacy in the Sciences
Click Here
Check out the links below for an overview of the units ESP currently offers to districts. The Science Units link redirects to a page with a link for the Complete Guide to ESP Units. This document includes Key Questions, Activity Objectives, and Concept Words (key vocabulary) for each unit. This document may be very helpful for school curriculum planning. The other links redirect to pages that provide a short description of the units and the suggested length of time to teach the unit.
Integrate STEM Into Your Existing Curriculum
No need to revise your entire curriculum. We have hundreds of student activities and products with STEM applications in physical, earth, and life science. Use our labs and products to reinforce the Science and Engineering Practices in the Next Generation Science Standards. Flinn's student lab kits actively engage students in scientific inquiry, which leads to a greater understanding of crosscutting concepts and disciplinary core ideas. 
See some of the STEM related products Flinn has for the following categories. 
Hooked on Science
Offers free worksheets and lesson plans for a range of grades on various topics in chemistry, physics, Earth science, math skills in science, and meteorology. Resources for science fairs and family science nights and for enforcing basic science skills are among those available, and archived experiments range from the Fizzics of Soda to the Thanksgiving Egg Drop. You can find an experiment for nearly every holiday!
40 Awesome STEM Based PBL Resources
Welcome to one of my most resource-filled posts ever! One that is dedicated to highlighting some amazing free resources that will help support STEM-based PBL in the classroom 
Science PowerPoint and Game Resources and Experiments

Science Experiments and Activities

Kinetic City
Kids Science Games and Videos
Kids Science Games and Videos 2
and Lesson Plans
Astronomy and Space Videos
Science and Math
 Interactives which allows the students to interactive with the learning standards concepts online
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

Intel believes that young people are the key to solving global challenges. A solid math and science foundation coupled with skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, and problem solving are crucial for their success. To help educators foster the next generation of innovators, Intel provides STEM curriculum, competitions, and online resources to encourage students' interest and participation.
STEM Unit Plans from Designing Effective Projects: Follow a design process for creating successful projects that integrate technology; browse a library of project-based units to adapt for your own use.

Project-Based Math Units
Essential Science for Teachers: All Science Standards
A video courses for grades K-6 teachers; 8 one-hour video programs, course guide, and Web site; graduate credit availabl and also excellent for teacher individual professional development

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40 STEM Activities For Kids With Play Dough
Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) information.
Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education is used to identify individual subjects, a stand alone course, a sequence of courses, activities involving any of the four areas, a STEM-related course, or an interconnected or integrated program of study. A nationally agreed upon definition for STEM education is currently lacking. This page and the links on it provide information and resources for kindergarten through grade twelve STEM education.