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Science Units 
The Elementary Science Program produces kits of science materials for lease or purchase by public school districts and private schools in New York State. These instructional units are correlated to the NYS Learning Standards for Mathematics, Science, and Technology.
Kits can also be purchased by schools outside New York. In addition, line items and publications are available to schools in New York State and elsewhere.
Kits of materials to administer the NYS Grade 4 Elementary - Level Science Test, Form A, the New York State Intermediate - Level Science Examination, the Grade 8 Test Sampler, and the New York State Grade 8 Intermediate - Level Science Performance Test may also be ordered.

Additional online resources for ESP units can be found on our Science Unit Resources page.
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Online Resources

One important goal of MIT BLOSSOMS is to encourage teachers around the world to explore and sample the many excellent teaching and learning resources that are today available for free online. While it may be difficult for a busy teacher to spend time sorting through these myriad websites to identify those of quality, we feel strongly that bringing these resources into the classroom can deepen and strengthen a curriculum.

On these pages, we have attempted to list resources that would be of value to teachers around topics of science, math and engineering. Some we have used ourselves, while others were recommended to us by both teachers and students. We encourage you to look them over! Also, please send us information on any websites that you have found useful and that you can recommend to other teachers. And finally, do let us know of problems you have with any of these postings. You can contact us at BLOSSOMS@MIT.EDU. Thank you!Science Units 
MIT+K12 Videos produces original digital media and live programming that seeks to spark curiosity and a love of learning, open the door to the science / technology / engineering / math (STEM) world, and promote STEM-literacy among the genera
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