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Animal Habitats Georgia
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Bill of Rights Glossary
Black History
Bunker Hill, The battle of
Branches of Power -
Biography Of America
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Checks & Balances in Government 
Civil War 3
Government and Wars
Civilizations why do the fall=========
 Civil War
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Constitution The Unwritten Constitution 

community Helpers
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GPS and CORE Standards With Activities
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Revolution, American2
Revolutionary Period
Revolution American  01/02
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Revolutionary War
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Road Map
Road to Revolution-PBS
Roaring Twenties
Timeline of the Revolution
Rivers and coast
Rivers, 5 major
Rivers, Major(US) Video
Saratoga, Battle Of
Settlements in N. America
Seven Wonders Of The World
Spanish Arrival 
& Conquest of the Aztecs
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Underground Railroad
Vikings -

Geography - Key Stage 1 (5-7 year olds)
1. Local Area
2. Mapping
3. The Seaside
4. Weather and Seasons
5. An Island Home
6. Wider World
Geography - Key Stage 2 (7-11 year olds)

1. Physical Geography
2. Weather and Seasons
3. Mapping
4. The Environment
5. Coasts
6. Wider World
History - Key Stage 2 (7-11 year olds)

1. Ancient Civilisations
2. Invaders and Settlers
3. Tudors
4. Victorians
5. Twentieth Century

History - Key Stage 1 (5-7 year olds)

1. Events
2. Victorians
3. Twentieth Century

Regents Exam Prep Center

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Documents for the Study of American History

Pages from the Past

The Authentic History Center endeavors to tell the story of the United States primarily through popular culture. It was created to teach that the everyday objects in society have authentic historical value and reflect the social consciousness of the era that produced them. New interpretive sections are added when substantial resources have been collected. Until then, incomplete collections are presented as digital archives without comment for individual study. The site is a work in progress

Ben's Guide To Government
Social Studies Interactives
I Know That Social Studies
Civil War For Kids
Time Line of The Civil War, 1861
Underground Railroad

An in-depth information reviewed by 
prominent scholars on each president and 

Moving West 
Lewis and Clark
Native Americans Web Sites For Children
Settlements in North America
Historic Speeches 
Historic Docuents 
Great Depression 
Civil Rights 
World Wars
World War I 
World War I
Ancient History 
Age of Exploration 
Medieval Europe 


American Revolution 
The American Revolution
A complete interactive lesson plan with
 activities and quizzes
Revolutionary Period (1764-1789
Colonial History and the Revolutionary War
Colonial Williamsburg - Kids Zone 
Caleb Johnson's MayFlower History 
Select any of the subheadings below to view all of our examples of  currency emitted in those states. 
Colonies/ States are listed in  alphabetical order followed by  Continental Currency. Following 
the currency are Lottery Tickets  and then Fiscal Documents, both  are listed chronologically by colony.
History Globe- Jamestown Simulation
Original Thirteen Colonies 

Famous Explorers

Famous Explorers
Interesting Facts and information about Famous Explorers
List of names of the most Famous Explorers
List of Fast Facts and information about Famous Explorers accomplishments and achievements
The Major voyages of discovery and exploration of the Famous Explorers
Sites with Information about Famous Explorers
A list of explorers would easily include Christopher Columbus and his exploration. Famous, worldwide, and innovative would all be words historians could use to describe his trip to the New World
Explorers - A to Z
Famous Explorers
and Resources About Columbus
Famous Explorers of Africa 
These images of Famous Explorers are from an assortment of old books. I hope you enjoy these public domain pictures of Famous Explorers
Famous North American Explorers videos cover the achievements of notable North American explorers. Watch famous North American explorers

What is Congress
House of Representatives

Civil War
The 13 Colonies
The English Colonies before 1763
The Northwest Territory
The 13 Colonies
The Battle Of Bunker Hill
Battle of Saratoga
Siege of Charlestown

All the American Indian tribes
Creek Indians
Cherokee Indian

 Check out places on earth in "real time".  
Great for writing projects, changes over time, 
animal observation, etc. (Elem, Mid, High)
Download interactive geography US maps 
and world maps. (Elem, MS) 
Build a Prairie
Restore a prairie using biology, ecology 
and climatology. (Elem, MS)
Early American History
Short films of noteworthy famous moments
 in early American history. (Elem, Mid, High)
US state location
 You choose to place
 state on map with or without state outlines.
 A third option is placing the name of the state
 in the correct location. (Elem)
 American Centuries
Explore American history through these 
collections and activities. (Elem, Mid, High)
 Ben's Guide for Government
 Information and activities about US government
 specifically tailored for educators and students.
 (Elem, Mid, High)
 Timeline Create a timeline
 - you won't be able to save it, but you
 can print it. (Elem, Mid, High) 
Our Time Lines Create timelines with various
start and end dates for a listing of world 
wide events. (Middle, High)