Teaching Curriculum

All About Seas and Oceans
Learn About Oceanography
All Science Standards 
All Science Instructional Videos, All Common Core Standards

Environmental Science / Instructional 
A course with lessons and instructional videos

Physics Instructional
A complete course with lessons, videos and animationa

Science Of Biology
Complete course with lessons, videos and animations

Earth Science
Topics include spsce sciencs, plate tectonics, mineral rocks, water science and maps reading

Introd to Physical Science
A complete course

Motion and Forces
A complete course

Introduction To Energy
A complete course

Introduction To Matter
A complete course

Chemical Interactions
A complete course

6th., 7th. 8th. All Science
All Commomn Core Science Standards lessons, interactives and videos

Life Science/Biology Tutorials

Teacher Animations 
Teacher Made Animations on the following topics
Physiology Biodiversity Microbiology Regenerative Biology Evolution Neurobiology immunology The Biology of Cancer

SCience Animations, Movies, Interactive, Tutorial Links

Bainpop Life Science Movies

Inner Life Of Cell Animation

Science Animations
Movies & Interactive Tutorial Links 

Animated Science: 
All Science Skills

Geology Animations, Interactive Exercises, and now... Songs

Lectures with animations
Anatomy and Physics

Physical Science Lessons With Animations

Science Animations for Grade School
All Fields Of SCience

Animations and Quizzes
Ecology, Evolution, physical Science, Plant SCience

Animated Tutorials: Environmental Science

Animations All Common Core State Standards
Animations of Life, Earth, Environmental, Physics, AStronomy, Chemistry, Math Tools

Fun with Science Animations! 
Animations of different Science common Core Standards

Middle School Worksheets Pysical Science

Science: Middle School Games

Solar System Game

Science Vocabulary Hangman

Cells Alive

Science Games
All standards

Science Interactive Sites for Smartboard Use – Grades K - 5 
Tutorials and lessons

Science Common Core Quick Links
Science Interactives

Elementary Science Websites
A list of 54 science web-links with each having a description of what information van be found when accessing

Science Worksheets
270 science worksheets for grades K through 5th

Study Jams Excellent
Math and science instructional videos with assessments grades k through 5th

Science Links 1
Tons of science standards list in alphabetical order
All Common Core Standards

Science Links 2
Tons of science standards list in alphabetical order. All Common Core Standards

Science Simulations/ Animations and Instructional Videos

Biological Animations
(short animations of biological processes)
Learn Genetics
A complete curriculum with animations, simulations, tutorials and virtual labs
Biology and Cells
Tons of resources, videos and animations
Science Pages Standards
All Science Standards
Science All Core Standards
links and pages to all science common core standards
Science Videos 
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All Science Genres
Simulations and animations all science skills
Science Simulations
Lessons and videos
Middle School Interactives
here are five games covering the five sub-topics: light, sound, forces & motion, earth & beyond and electricity
Instructional Videos
Science Experiments
Interactive Diagrams
Label Parts
Physical Science Animations

Science Games /Activities
Science Instructional videos
Over 2000 videos all sciemce standards
Science Interactives
Excellent All Science Common Core Standards. Scores of reinforcing interactives
Science Games
Science Interactives 3 to 6
Instructional Interactives
Elementary standards
All Standards, resources an interactives. Lesson plans, Interactives and worksheets
Fourth and Fifth Grade Jepordy
Science Videos
Type in the standard in the search engine
Science Topics for Kids 
 in Elementary and Middle School