STEM Robotics Resources
Lego's Mindstorms NTX and EV 3

1. Lego's Mindstorm EV3 and NTX Tutorials and SCcratch Programming

2. NTX Tutorials and examples

3. NTX Tutorial For Beginners

4. Lego's NTX G Programming Guide

6. Overview: 

Goals & Required Resources

STEM Robotics 101 is both a turn-key curriculum for novice Robotics teachers and a collaboration tool for veteran Robotics teachers.

This introductory STEM Robotics master curriculum uses the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT Education Base Set and NXT-G software to teach a full STEM Robotics course.

This master curriculum is divided into Units, several of which contain lessons built around the "NXT Video Trainer 2.0" product from Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Academy. (This product is now available free online from CMU's CS2N Courses site). These self-paced learning-to-program videos are supplemented with lessons on robotics technologies, explicit math and science concepts, and the Engineering Process, in order to round out a complete STEM curriculum.

8. Learn To Program EV3 Robotics with Videos. Also download the EV3 software for FREE

9. Build a robot with videos and building instructions

10/ Robotics Curriculum 


YouTube Lego NTX and EV3 Mindstorms Instructional Videos

1. LEGO Mindstorms NXT: A Brief Introduction & Tutorial Part 1 

2. LEGO Mindstorms NXT: A Brief Introduction & Tutorial Part 2

3. How To Use Mindstorms Editor

4. How to View sensor data from a Lego Mindstorms NXT robo
5. How to Use the Lego Mindstorms NXT Brick

6. How to Use the Lego Mindstorms NXT Brick

7. How to Program multiple tasks in Lego Mindstorms NXT

8.. New New Lego's Ev3 Tutorials and Videos Ev3 Tutorials and Videos

9.. STEM Mindstorms RobotiSTEM Mindstorms Robotics Curriculum for EV3 and NTX

10. Prenumatics
K through 5TH. Principles of 1, Simple Machines 2, Mechanisms 3, Structures, 4. Force and Motion 5, Measurement, 6. Energy 7. Powered Machines, 8. Problem Solving, 9. Pneumatics 

11. STEM quick Tutorials for Legos Mindstorms and Scratch, Google Sket

12. LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Education 45544 Instructions

13. Projects for NXT 2.0
The projects on this page are designed for the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 (8547) kit and software. No extra parts are required. 
These projects cannot be used with the NXT 1.X kits (see instead the Projects for NXT 1.0).
Users of the NXT 2.0 kit may also be able to build some of the Projects for NXT 1.X, click here for more information.

14. NTX Projects By Category

Building Instructions
1.  EV3 Building Instructions
2.  NTX Free building instructions
3.  LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Education 45544 Instructions
4. Lego Basic Instructions For Kids
5. Instructions For LEGO 7633 Construction Site

How Making Robots Captivates Kids' Imaginations
Building robots inspires such passion in high school seniors Violet and Kjersti that they've begun mentoring younger robotics teams to teach STEM skills -- and save their school's robotics program.

Lego Robotic Curriculum

LEGO Curriculum is designed to meet the needs of middle school and high school teachers who want to introduce robotics into their schools and classrooms. LEGO MINDSTORMS Robots are an ideal tool: easy prototyping, interchangable components for design flexibility, basic-to-advanced programming opportunities.

Why Robotics?
(Please watch the videos)
At LEGO® Education, we remain committed to transforming the future of education and helping every student to succeed. Our proven and unique system for learning has never been more relevant: a hands-on, minds-on approach– the core of which is the enduringly engaging and versatile LEGO brick – designed to help students take ownership of the learning process, enabling them to actively develop the problem-solving skills and collaborative outlook necessary to become creators, not just consumers.

Curriculum & Tools
Fun Activities for Learning with Lego's
Lego Engineering
Lego Lesson Plans and Activities
This unit introduces exercises allows students to think more deeply about the concept of a threshold and how to use it to make a robot react to its environment.
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