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Biology - Key Stage 3 (11-14 year olds)

1. Humans as Organisms
2. Cells
3. Green Plants as Organisms
4. Living Things in the Environment

Earth and Moon Viewer 
Provides views of the earth and moon from different angles and places.  Live pictures of the earth from satellites.  You can even request a view.  Cool site

*Cells Alive
Good resource for images of cells for science class. 
 Some of them are even animated. 

***THE HEART: An online exploration
Tours of the heart and circulation system.  
Activities to test your knowledge. Great site. 

Jefferson Lab's Science Education ( is a an interactive resource for students allowing them to select and submit their answer.  The site also provides games and puzzles.  Grades 5 and Up

 Virtual Solar System

A fantastic site from National Geographic with a vast amount of information about our solar system. With the Viscape SVR plug-in students can take a fly-by tour of the sun and each planet, but even without the plug-in the site is a must-see for space buffs.  Grades 3-8

Science Online
Lesson Plans, Interactive Activities and Worksheets
All GPS Standards / Gradea 1 to 6
1. Heredity and Reproduction
2. Food Production and Energy For Life
3. Plants and Animals
4. Biological Change
5. Cells
6. Earth's Resources
7. Matter
8. Fotce and Motion
9. Energy
10. Earth' Features
11. Earth and Universe
12. Atmosphere Cycles
Find out everything you every wanted to know about volcanoes. 

SmartBoard / Promethean Activities for Science.

Educational Modules
Interactive educational modules are the heart of "Live from Earth and Mars." The modules feature data and concepts from meteorology and space science. The modules are intended to supplement teachers' current curricula and are written to exploit the connectivity of the Internet and the immediacy of the World Wide Web. Please check EARTH and MARS for additional supporting data, information, and resources.


Matter is the Stuff Around You

Chemical Reactions

Browsing Biochemistry

Vocano World

earth science concepts
This site has many interesting activities for young students to learn about various earth science concepts. An interactive online coloring book is a unique feature of this web site. 

water, matter and energy, and atoms and molecules
This web site contains an online textbook for students of grades 3,4 and 5 to learn about water, matter and energy, and atoms and molecules

This website is an overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of the planets, moons and other objects in our solar system. Each page has my text and NASA's images, some have sounds and movies, most provide references to additional related information

Explore a Pond
Experience a simulated pond, take a virtual tour of an outdoor classroom, pond math and pond science activities, publish your adopted pond online, and chat with other K-6 students interested in pond stuff.

Types of Rocks
Science activities to help students to explore how sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks are made. Also contains animations and interactive games


Human Anatomy Online


Fossils K-2

Welcome to the Icelands

Gizmos! Online simulations that power
 inquiry and understanding.

Amazon Interactive 
Explore the geography of the Ecuadorian
 Amazon through online games and activities.
 Learn about the rainforest and the Quichua
 people who call it home. Discover the ways
 in which the Quichua live off the land. Then
 try your hand at running a community-based 
ecotourism project along the Río Napo.

Interactive weather maker

Growing Plants

Earth Pules
Visual Guide to Global Trends

Science Clips/Ages 5 to 7

FOSS is a research-based science curriculum 
developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science, University 
of California at Berkeley.  Grades K-8

Ace on the Case: Secrets@sea 
An interactive adventure that helps students learn 
about marine ecology.  Grades 4-7

The Biology Project 
From the University of Arizona, the Biology Project
 site is an interactive online resource for learning 
biology. The site includes tutorials, problem sets,
 activities, and other resources. 
Grades 9-12

The Exploratorium is a collage of 650 interactive
exhibits in science, art, and human perception.  
Students can explore any of these subject: light
color, sound, music, motion, animal behavior, electricity,
 heat and temperature, language, patterns, hearing,
 touch, vision, waves and weather. 
 Grades 3-12

Cool Science for Curious Kids
Cool Science is a fun site that helps students appreciate
 science. Covered: Observation skills, plants, animal
 classifications and metamorphosis. Grades K-3

A collection of language arts, math, science, and 
social studies.  Grades PreK-6

 Fun Brain
This site contains a variety of edu-taining 
activities covering areas of math, language arts,
 social studies, and science.  Grades K-6

Enchanted Learning
This is a fun educational site for audiences as 
young as preschool. Some of the areas covered: 
science, language arts and geography. 
(Not all pages are interactive.)  Grades Pre-K-3

 HHMI’s BioInteractive
HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) 
provides activities and tools for students. 
 There is also a section for teachers  Grades 9-12

Creature Feature
Audio and video clips help students learn 
about featured animals. Grades 3-8 

Entomology Image Gallery 
Students can view images and movies of beetles,
 ticks, lice, and lots of other creepy crawling insects!
  Grades 3 and up

Endangered Animal Channel 
Students explore videos of endangered 
animals from the Bagheera site.  Grades 2-6

Amoeba Movies 
Explore videos of an amoeba eating and moving 
through different environments. Real Player needed.
 Grades 5+

 Popular Science
There are plenty of interesting things to read
 at Popular Science Magazine's web site. Articles
 on science, space, the Internet, computers, and 
more.  Grades 3+

Exploring the Planets
Exploring the Planets is a simulated research center 
at the National Air and Space Museum that illustrates 
how scientist explore planets that are millions of miles
 away.  Students can choose to log in, enabling them a 
chance to save their work.  There are three levels for
 grades 5-8, grades 6-8, and grades 7-9.

Planet Impact!
Discover the fierce force of gravity and pelt 
poor Jupiter with a comet!  Teacher Tips included. Grades 5-8

 Mission Mastermind
NASA needs your help in planning a Hubble Servicing 
Mission. Join the team!  Teacher Tips included. Grades 6-8

 Galaxy Hunter
Statistically speaking, this cosmic photo shoot is
 out of this world!  Students construct and interpret
 frequency tables, demonstrate knowledge of simple
 random samples, define range, mean and median as 
they apply to statistics, and demonstrate knowledge 
of min/max plots.  Teacher Tips included.  Grades 10-12

Galaxies Galore
Galaxy construction timeline: billions of years. 
For you: ten minutes.  Teacher Tips included. 
Grades 6-8

No Escape: The Truth About Black Holes
An opportunity for students to research the 
fascinating topic of black holes and to examine 
the concepts of escape velocity, gravity, mass,
 and the speed of light as they apply to black holes.  Grades 8-12

Solar System Trading Cards
students will collect solar system trading cards
 by playing an interactive card game. They will 
identify the sun, planets, comets, and asteroids 
by answering questions about them. Students 
will learn facts about the solar system presented
 with amazing pictures taken by the Hubble Space
 Telescope and various NASA missions. 
 Grades 3-6

Star Light, Star Bright
Explore the nature of the electromagnetic spectrum.
 In this lesson, students will identify the different 
properties of waves and the relationship that exists
 between energy, wavelength, and frequency. 
Students will correlate images taken by the Hubble
 Space Telescope and other astronomical instruments
 to the wavelength, color, and temperature information
 that can be found in the spectrum.  Grades 6-9

Hubble Deep Field Academy
Join Professor WifPic in examining the Hubble Deep 
Field image and simulate the process astronomers 
have gone through to count, classify, and identify 
objects in the image as well as estimate their distances 
from Earth. The lesson is modular so that all or part of
it may be completed using computers and the Internet.  Grades 6-8

At Funology find fun facts, experiments, crafts,
 recipes, magic tricks, jokes, and a whole lot more. 
 Grades 2-5

Inner Learning Online
Students can study the anatomy of the
human body or learn about the inner 
workings of an automobile. Each of the
 detailed graphic images has 'hot spots' 
that interact to provide more information. 
 Grades 5+

Amazing Space
Amazing Space is a collection of interactive
 activities designed to teach students about
 black holes, collect solar system trading 
cards, and more.  Each activity includes high
 quality graphics and animation. 
 Grades 3+

Kid Port 
Kindergarten Games 

Grade 1 Games  
Grade 2 Games  
Grade 3 Games  
Grade 4 Games   
Grade 5 Games  
Grade 6 Games  
Grade 7 Games   
Grade 8 Games  

Earth and Moon Viewer
View a map of the Earth showing the actual
 day and night regions at this moment. You 
can also view it as currently seen from the Sun, 
Moon, orbiting satellite, or from above a variety of cities.
 Grades 3+

Virtual Solar System
A fantastic site from National Geographic 
with a vast amount of information about our 
solar system. With the Viscape SVR plug-in 
students can take a fly-by tour of the sun and 
each planet, but even without the plug-in the
 site is a must-see for space buffs.  Grades 3-8

Hurricane Storm Science
Interactive activities related to
 weather instruments and storms. 
 Grades 4-5

Jefferson Lab's Science Education () 
is a an interactive resource for students allowing
 them to select and submit their answer.  The site
 also provides games and puzzles.  Grades 5 and Up

Apples for the Teacher Science Games
Animal Classification 

The Physics Classroom
An online physics tutorial written
 for high school physics students. 
 Grades 9-12

I Know That Science Games
 Science Basic Skills and Games


How Electricity Works

If you are searching for biographies of scientists or inventors who worked with electricity, you may want to go to our companion webpage: Scientists / Inventors in Electricity. There you will find an alphabetized index to biographies of select people. Click "HERE"

Static Electricity
Learn about static charge & static shock
by Science Made Simple

Table of Contents

Electricity PowerPoint Interactives Electricity & Magnetism: Introduction

These 106 in-depth tutorials are designed to illustrate and explain some of the many complex topics in biology. Each tutorial has four elements: an introduction that describes the topic to be illustrated and puts it into a broader context, a detailed animation that clearly illustrates the topic (there are a few tutorials that include simulations or other types of content, rather than animations), a conclusion that summarizes what you should have learned from the animation, and a quiz on the topic covered. The clear presentation of complex topics make these tutorials a powerful learning tool, be sure to work through them in their entirety for the best benefit. New to the Seventh Edition are 20 Key Experiment tutorials that expand upon some of the most important experiments depicted in the book, as well as 10 additional new tutorials. All the animated activities include textbook references, making it easy for you to look up a topic in the text for further explanation. For details on how the tutorials work, click the Help button on the Animation tab of a tutorial
Learn and research space and astronomy, Geology, Earth Science, science, chemistry, biology, physics, math, electronics, and much more. is the internet science PORTAL to more than 20,000 science sites.  This site is FREE! 
Science Curriculum & Lesson Plans: 
Part of Time4Learning's Online Homeschool Curriculum and Enrichment Materials
Weather Maps:
"Look for hazy skies with afternoon thunderstorms and a high of 95 degrees." Weather forecasts, such as this one, provide critical information to many ..
Learn and research space and astronomy, Geology, Earth Science, science, chemistry, biology, physics, math, electronics, and much more. is the internet science PORTAL to more than 20,000 science sites.  This site is FREE!  Click "HERE"
Weather Maps:
"Look for hazy skies with afternoon thunderstorms and a high of 95 degrees." Weather forecasts, such as this one, provide critical information to many .
S  C  I  E  N  C  E is the World's No.1 free resource for biology related information run by enthusiasts from all around the world and visited by over 25,000 people every day. Please help us grow our content! Submit your own articles, tutorials, essays, reports or any other biology related work and we will publish it online in the appropriate section.
On-Line Tutorials & References
Biology  Chemistry  Earth Science  Math  Physics  Other
Biology I Animations
Movies & Interactive Tutorial Links
Facts and Information All About Energy
Energy can be defined as “the ability to perform work”. The measurement of energy provides a framework for scientists to study the different forms of energy, the usage of energy, and the efficiency of energy. Energy can be classified in its two main forms, namely, potential and kinetic energy. Potential energy is stored energy in matter while kinetic energy is energy in a moving object.

Science Quick Links

Acids, Alkalis, Neutralisation
Acids and Bases Video
Acceleration Video
Archaeology for kids
Anatomy, Human
Atoms and moleclue 
Asexual Reproduction
Asexual or Sexual The Question
Astronomy Lessons
Basic Needs Of living
Basic Anatomy - Tissues & Organs
Battery, make a lemon battery
Bacterial Invasion
Biology Animations
Birds, All About]]]]
Black Holes
Cell, Inside Of
Cell, Virtual Cell Web Page
Cells Alive
Cell Structures, Images
Cells, Animal and Plant
Cell Models
Cell Structure===
Changing Matter====
Chemical Changes
Chemkids all science standards
Chemical Reactions
Classifying Organisms
Classifying Organ PowerPoint
Cloud Types
Cloud Formations
Clouds and precipitation
Conductors and insulators
Digestive System Diagra======
Dinosaur Fossils
Dichotomous Key
DNA Video
Earth Biomes
Earth Composition PowerPoint
Earth Rotation and Hours
Earth Structure Interactive
Earth Interior
Earth Science
Earth Science Lessons
Earth Science Concepts
Earth Spears
Earth's Orbit
Eclispe Video
Ecosystems, Biomes, Habitats
Ecosystems, explore
Electric current and magnetism
Electricity and magnetism
Electricity, how it works
Electricity PowerPoint Interactive
Electricity, static
Electricity 3
Educational Videos K - 12 Instruct
Elementary Educational Sites
Elementary Promethean/Smartboard Elementary Smartboard Links
Energy All Types
Energy, nonrenewable
Earthquakes Animation
Earthquakes, How they work
Earthquake Captured
ESOL SmartBoart Favorites
Evolution Evidence of
First Grade Science Skills
Food Chain
Food Chains Video
Food Chains and Food Webs
Fossils in sedimentary rocks
Fossils, what can they tell us
fossils Types of
Frog Life Cycle
Gene School Interac
Science Quick Links

Gene School Interactive
Genetic Animation
Genetic Lesson Plans
Geothermal Energy
Health PowerPoint Collection
Human Body the
Human Body Video
Human Body Interactive
Human Organ Systems Interactive
Inclines Plane=======
Interactive Educational Games
K - 12 Quiz Hub
Images of organ systems
Kindergarten Science Skills
Life Science
Machines, Simple
The Planet Mars Video======
Materials matters
Melting and boiling
Middle Sch Promethean/ Links
Moon Phrases
Online Educational Videos
Organisms Classify
Panacea breakup of
Periodic table of elements
Periodic Table
Photosynthesis Animation========
Physical Science Lessons=
Planets, The nine
Plant and animal cells comparing
Plant Parts game
Plant parts identify
Plant and Animal structure
Plate Tectonics
Planets, Nine
Promethean, SmartBoard Websites by Subject
PowerPoint for teaching all subjects
PowerPoint Presentations by grade and subject
Producers, consumers game
Rocks and minerals Facts About
Rocks and soil 
Rocks and soil an experiment
Rocks For Kids
Science lessons and guides
Science Online
Science Videos
Science  Smartboard/Promethean Links
Science Animated Instructional Movies
Science, A way of knowing------------------------
Scientific Investigation
Seasons, Earth, Sun, Moon
Living, Materials, Process  
Scientific Method
Simple Machines
Simple Machines
Second grade Science Skills
Sixth Grade all Standards
SmartBoard Favorites for ESL Learners
SmartBoard/Promethean by Subject Activities
Solar System
Solar System Night Club
Solar System Video
Solids and liquids
Solids, liquids and gases
Teach Videos All Subjects
Teaching Videos for K - 12
Teaching Videos, All subject areas
Technology, How it affects us
Third Grade Science Skills
Turbines How  Work
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