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Smartboard Language activities K-6 Grade

Grammar Links All Standards
This index includes 427 references to 
both the Guide to
 Grammar and Writing and 
Principles of Composition

Grammar Quizzes
Grammar Enrichment
Using Power Proofreading
Grammar & Usage
Grammar PowerPoints
Improve Writing Skills Video
High School Grammar Skills
GPS Standards Language Arts

ABC's Phonics
Abbreviations,Contractions @@
Adjectives (PPT)
Adjectives (PPT)
Adjectives-color (PPT)
Adjective/Adverbs (PPT)
Adjectives/Adverbs (PPT)
Adjectives/Adverbs (PPT)
Activities by grade
Adjective Movie  /Interactive
Adjectives interactive
Affect and Effect 
Alphabet Recognition Games
Alphabet and Phonics
Are and Our -
Authors Purpose exercise
Adverb Clause
Adverb Clauses
Adverb,noun, adjective clauses
The adverb clause
Adverbs Recognizing
Adverb Clauses 3
Adverb Clauses
Adverbs Interactive
Adverb Movie / Interactive's
Adverb Recognition
Aesops Fables
Alphabet and Phonics
Alphabet Phonics Game
Antonym Matching Game
Antonym Matching
Apostrophes, Interactive
Apostrophes 2
Basic Skills Games
Building Language for Literacy (K-1)
Capitalization quiz
Capitalization/Punctuation game
Capitalization game  stop 3/31
Capitalization Game
Character Scrapbook
Clauses, the essential building blocks
Clauses building sentences
Conclusions, Drawing
Compare/Contrast Mao
Comprehension Interactive Activities
Compare and Contrast Interactive
Compare and Contrast Interactive's 2
Comprehension Quizzes
Compound Predicate and subjects
Conjunctions 2
Conjunctions 3
Conjunctions all types
Contractions 2
Context Clues Quiz
Context clues Instruction
Context Clues Instruction 2
Context Clues Worksheets
Contractions, Match
Contrasting Characters
CRCT Games
CRCT Games all subjects
CRCT Practice Test
Type the Contractions
Fly By Contractions
Design Posters. Newspapers
Dependent Clauses
Dictionary, Picture
Direct Objects
Dolch Word Games
Drawing Conclusions
Educational games online
Elements of a Narrative Essay
Elements Realistic Story
Elements of a narrative essay 2
English All Grades
English Interactive's
English Resources'
English Language Centre 
English Zone All Language Skills
Elements of a Story Interactive
Elements of a story
Educational Videos K - 12 Instruct
Elementary Educational Sites
Elementary Promethean/Smartboard Elementary Smartboard Links
Fact / Opinion Interactive
Fact/Opinion Game
Fact or Opinion
Fact / Opinion Quiz
Figurative Language
Figurative Language 2
Figurative Language 3
Figurative Language Definitions
Figurative Language, What Is
Figurative PowerPoints
Figurative Language
Flip Book, Create
First Lang and Reading Skills
Fifth Grade reading writing skills
Grammar Gorillas
Grammar Interactive's
Grammar Interactive Activities
Grammar Punctuation sentence
Guide to Writing INDEX
Sixth Grammar and Language Skills
Grammar List Of
Sixth Grade writing, grammar and comprehension skills
Grade Level Help
Grade 4 Grammar Gold
Grammar Interactive Pt of Speech
Grammar Smartaboard
Grammar Tutorials
Grammar Interactive Games
Grammar Skills Interactives
Grammar Interactive Exercises
Grammar Skills 7th Grade
Grammar 8th Grade interactives
Grammar Tutorials 2
Grammar Tutorials 3
Grammar Tutorials 4
Grammar Quizzes
Grammar Interactive's
Grammar and Writing Index
Grammar Interactive's #2
Grammar for Sixth Grade
Grammar Interactive's all standards
Grammar, Basic Elements
Grammar Sentence Structure
Grammar Rock
Grammar Interactive
Grammar Interactive Quizzes
Historical Cultural Context
Harcourt Trophies
Harcourt LA series
Handwriting Instruction
Harry Potter
Independent /Dependent clauses
Idioms more
irregular verbs
Interactive Educational Games
K - 12 Quiz Hub
Learn to Read
Language Art Courses
Language Arts Interactive's
Interactive's grade 3,4,5,6

Interactive Websites - Reading and Language Arts

Interactive's SmartBoard
Independent / dependent clauses
K-6 Interactive Language Resources
Language arts Elementary Links
Language Arts Fifth Grade
Language Arts
Lang. Arts Games
Lang. Arts Grade 3-6
Lang. PowerPoints
Lang PowerPoints
Language Arts Interactives
Language, Interactive's
Language Links K - 2
LA Interactive Activities (3-5)********
LA Games-PBS (K-1)
Language Arts Fifth Grade Standards
Learn To Read
Lesson Plan Library
Literary Elements Chard
Literature Response To
Letter Formation printing
Letter Writing
Letter Learn to Write a Letter Game
Literature Interactive
Literary Resources ***
Lower Case Cursive Instruction
Math / English Interactive's
Middle Sch Promethean/ Links
Noun Review
Nouns Irregular Plural
Nouns What are they
Nouns and Verbs Identify
Noun Review
Nouns and Verbs game
Nouns Interactive
Nouns, Irregular, Regular
Noun Types Of
Nouns Movie / Interactive's@@
Common and Proper Nouns
Common and Proper Nouns Quiz
Naming Nouns -2nd/3rd         
Naming Nouns I
Naming Nouns II
Plural/Singular Nouns
Grammar Gorilla (game)
Plural Girls (game)
Participle, Recognizing
Participles understanding
Parts of Speech Interactive's
Parts of Speech
Parts of Speech
Parts Of Speech Quizzes
Parts of speech, The eight
Parts Of Speech Interactive's
Parts of Speech Quiz
Parts of Speech Interaxtives
Parts of speech interactives

Persuasive Map

Column Two

Persuasive, Analysis
Phonemic Awareness
Phonic Worksheets
Phonic Instruction
Phonic Interactive Videos
Phonics Instruction
Phonics short, long, digraphs etc
Phonics Learning to read today
Phonics Links
Phonics Smartboard/Promethean Links
Phonics, Interactive Videos
Phonics Word Builder
Phonic Center
Phrases all types
Plot, Setting, Theme
Poetry Forms
Point of View
Point of View
Point of View, Authors
 Poetry Writing
Promethean, SmartBoard Websites by
Preschool Language Arts
PowerPoint for teaching all subjects
PowerPoint Presentations by grade and subject
Preposition List
Prepositions worksheets and quizzes
Prepositional Phrases
Prepositional Phrases
Pre-Assessment and Post-Assessment
Printing Game for Kindergarten Tools
Primary Games
Prefixes Suffixes Game
Prefixes and Suffixes
Primary Chunk-That-Word
Primary Interactive Resources
Poetry Writing
Pronoun quiz
Pronoun PowerPoints
Pronouns Interactive's
Pronouns relative
Pronouns Interactive
Pronouns Movie / Interactive's
Proverbs, Most Common
Punctuation quiz
Punctuation game
Punctuation and Capitalization (PPT)
Punctuation Game_____
Reading Fourth Resources
Reading, Interactive's
Reading Comprehension Practice **
Reading Comprehension Practice 2
Reading Elementary Strategies
Reading Interactive's
Reading K-2 Reading Interactive
Reading Comprehension
Interactive Reading Comprehension Resources Execellent
Reading Comprehension Skill Video
Reading Comprehension Skills 6th grade
Reading Comprehension Worksheets
Reading Smartboard/Promethean Links
Reading, Interactive Games
ReviseWise English
Remedial Reading Curriculum
Rhyming Game
Rhyming With Reggie
Sentences, Types Of
Sentence, What is it
Sentence Types Interactive
Sentences Complete
Sentences, Parts Of Interactive's
Sentences, pitting together
Simple, Compound Complex Sentences
Sentence Fragments
Sentences, Types Of Interactive
Second Grade Language Resources
Second Grade Lang Skills
Sentence Types
Sentence Types Interactive's
Setting Of a Story
Short Vowel Sounds
Sight Words
Six Grade Language Arts
 Smartboard/Promethean Links
Spell & Spin Game
Spelling City
Spelling Bee All Grades
Spelling Games
Spelling Rules
Step-by-Step Essay Guide
Story Starterserbs Movies / Interactive's
Story Recount Game
Storybook Interactive
SmartBoard Activities For Teachers
SmartBoard Favorites for ESL Learners
SmartBoard Interactive Links
SmartBoard/Promethean by Subject Activities
Spelling Blends
Spelling Long Vowels
Stories Interactive
Story Starters
Subjects and Predicated PowerPoint
Subjects and Predicated PowerPoint 2
Subjects and Predicts
Subject and predicate interactive's 2
Subject Verb Agreement Quiz 1
Subject Verb Agreement instruction
Subject verb Agreement Practice
Subject/Verb Agreement Practice 2
Subject Verb Agreement Quiz@@
Subject Verb agreement-(PPT)
Subject Verb agreement (PPT)
Subject Verb agreement (PPT)
Subject Verb agreement (PPT)
Subject Verb agreement (PPT)
Subject Verb Agreement (PPT)
Story Time$$
synonyms and Antonyms
Make pairs out of antonyms or synonyms. 
Teach Videos All Subjects
Teaching Videos for K - 12
Teaching Videos, All subject areas
Tenses, verb
There, They're, and Their
Third Grade LA Skills
Third Grade Language Skills
Third Grade - Reading and LA Skills by Sta
Transitive's intransitive Verbs
Upper Case Cursive Instruction
Upper / Lower Case a Chart
Write On 4 square writing
Verb Tense
Verbs Tenses
Verbs State of Being
Worksheets, Super Teacher
Writing Assessment Information
Writing Witting a summary
Writing, a complete curriculum
Writing, The Process
Write Stories/Make Books
Writing / Comprehension
Writing Process
Summary, Steps in writing
Verbs (PPT)
Verbs-irregular (PPT)
Verbs-action (PPT)
Verbs-being (PPT)
Verbally Speaking (PPT)
Verb-printable worksheets
Verbs - PPT's and activities
Verbs movie / interactive's%
Verb Tenses
Verbs State of Being Test
Verb Games Interactive
Vocabulary Interactive's
Vocab Development Match word w/picture
Vocabulary Builder
Vocabulary 3RD Grade List
Vocabulary Figurative Language
Vowels, Short Worksheets
Vowels - Long and Short Games
Word Families
Word Confusion
Writing Structured Paragraphs Video
Writing a Thesis Video 
Writing Standards Eight Grade
The Writer's Handbook
Writing First Sentence
Writing Answers to questions
Writing Persuasive Writing

GPS and CORE Standards With Activities
In Alphabetical order
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Language Arts: Click on the grade level and view interactional materials for that grade
Language Arts Index
L= Lesson   
P= Practice          
I = Interactive Game
R= Teacher Resource
L= Literature

Index Pre K-K
Index of all 291 ELA Kindergarten Resources 
Language Arts skils Index
L= Lesson   
P= Practice          
I = Interactive Game
R= Teacher Resource
L= Literature
Index Grade 1
Index of all 237 ELA Grade 1 Resources . Click on the skill
Language Arts Skills
L= Lesson   
P= Practice          
I = Interactive Game
R= Teacher Resource
L= Literature

Index Grade 2
Index of all 493 ELA Grade 2 Resources 
Language Arts Resources
L= Lesson   
P= Practice          
I = Interactive Game
R= Teacher Resource
L= Literature

Index Grade 3
Index of all 335 ELA Grade 3 Resources 
Language Arts Resources
L= Lesson   
P= Practice          
I = Interactive Game
R= Teacher Resource
L= Literature

Index Grade 4
Index of all 292 ELA Grade 4 Resources 
Language Arts Resources
L= Lesson   
P= Practice          
I = Interactive Game
R= Teacher Resource
L= Literature
Parent Tips
English Language Arts , Math and Social Studies Computerized Interactive Instructional Materials
Test-Taking Tips for Parents

Elements of a story interactive
Literature gives order to human experience. 
Literature explores cultural values. 
Literature demands an emotional response from the reader. 
Like a great journey, literature can show you things you have never seen before and will never forget. 

1. Constructing Plot, The Elements of Plot Development
2. Exploring Point of View
3. Creating Character
4. Describing Setting
5. Analyzing Theme
6. Related Resources

Language Arts PowerPoint Presentations

Interactive Language Arts Sites
Grammar Blast Interactives

Literacy - Foundation 
(3-5 year olds) 

1. Letters and Sounds
2. Stories
3. Songs and Rhymes
Literacy - Key Stage 1 
(5-7 year olds)

1. Letters and Sounds
2. Punctuation
3. Words and Spelling
4. Learning to Read
6. Stories
Literacy - Key Stage 2]
 (7-11 year olds)

1. Punctuation
2. Grammar and Spelling
3. Poetry
4. Writing
5. Stories
6. Speaking and Listening
7. Shakespeare

Literacy - Key Stage 2 
(7-11 year olds)

1. Punctuation
2. Grammar and Spelling
3. Poetry
4. Writing
5. Stories
6. Speaking and Listening
7. Shakespeare

Literacy - Key Stage 3 
(11-14 year olds)
1. Speaking and Listening
2. Writing
3. Poetry
4. Shakespeare

Language Arts resources with lessons, practice. interactive games and literature
L= Lesson   
P= Practice          
I = Interactive Game
R= Teacher Resource
L= Literature

Kindergarden Language Arts Index

First Grade Language Arts Index

Second Grade Language Arts Index

Third Grade Language Arts Index

Fourth Grade Language Arts Index