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Self-Esteem and Reading Difficulties
The effects of falling behind and feeling like a failure can take a large toll on kids. Children can lose all desire to read or go to school. Some begin to act out in class or set low expectations for themselves
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Questions and answers on Reading Disabilities
Hundreds of research-based and best-practice articles about reading.Reading Rockets offers hundreds of articles that provide research-based and best-practice information for educators, parents, and others concerned about reading achievement. You can browse our articles by date or title, or organized by topic.
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Reading Strategies Definitions
 Teach them to recognize when they are reading to be informed, reading for literary experience, or reading to perform a task, and help them to name, select, and apply strategies appropriate for each intent. The following strategies apply to reading in ALL content areas.

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Reading Strategies
What is Strategic Reading?
Role of the Reading Specialist

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Reading Strategies
In addition to using books and magazines to find 
out about Reading Strategies, why not also use the power of the Internet? The links below will get you started.

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Reading and Mapping Stategies
Here are some strategies to use while reading to help you understand and retain information. We have included mapping strategies, since these can be used in either the writing or the reading process. Writing and Grammar

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Reading Strategies
The rate of growth and learning during your child's early years is tremendous! Help her gain the skills she'll need to read and be successful in school with these tips and resources.
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What are Reading Problems, Reading Disabilities, and Dyslexia?
Researchers have now furthered the definition to include not only reading difficulties, but an impairment in areas of language development that is observed when the individual begins learning to read. These skills are measured in the Reading Screening assessment.
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Reading and Language Disorders
Speechville Express. About specific disorders
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Reading and Language Middle School Reading Resources
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Reading Wars
The teaching of reading
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Getting Real About
Middle School Reading
After years of ignoring reading instruction, Long Beach's content-area teachers are learning to help students master academic text
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Reading and Language 
Middle School Reading Resources on the net
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Integrating Literature into Middle School Reading Classrooms. ERIC Digest
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Reading Middle School Girls' Selected Annotated Reading List and Resource Guide

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Reading and Language Disorders. Speech Therapy 
Who Diagnoses Speech Language Disorders?

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 Where children have 
 fun learning to read! 
Pre K through Second Grade
Test Tutor for reading
Listed grade by grade covering all reading strategies
Excellent interactive educational site
Highly recommended
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English Center Study Zone
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Stories To Grow By
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Techniques for Teaching Reading Effectively
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Aaron Shepard’s World of Stories 
Folktales, Fairy Tales, Tall Tales, 
Myths, Legends, and More
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Welcome to The Reading Corner, a place to find good books to read. 
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Interactive Websites - Reading and Language Arts
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The Internet Picture Dictionary
Reading practice for ELL students (Spanish, French, German, Italian, English)
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Basic steps in the research process
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Interactive sites with lessons, and or stories
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Teach a Child to Read 
Dedicated to the thousands of children who need to improve
their reading skills, and to their parents who want to help them succeed
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The Compact for Reading Guide offers tips on creating community and family-school partnerships with the purpose of improving children's reading. The School-Home Links Reading Kits are a collection of research-based activities designed to help families reinforce the reading and language arts skills that their children are learning at school.

First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade

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A website containing very appropriate activities for letter and number skill building for grades K-1. Simple to use.
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Reading Strategies for Elementary Students | eThemes | eMINTSThese websites contain reading strategies to help elementary school students become good readers. Some websites simply list strategies
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Elements of a story interactive

Literature gives order to human experience. 
Literature explores cultural values. 
Literature demands an emotional response from the reader. 
Like a great journey, literature can show you things you have never seen before and will never forget. 

1. Constructing Plot, The Elements of Plot Development
2. Exploring Point of View
3. Creating Character
4. Describing Setting
5. Analyzing Theme
6. Related Resources