Primary Educational Resources Grades Pre-k through Third

Preschool Educational Resources

1. Skill Builders-Interactive Sites

2.  Mathematics Skills

3. Social Studies 

4.   Science

5.  Language Arts

6. Math Online Games

Georgia Professional  / CORE Standards Quick Links By Subject in  Alphabetical Order

6. How to teach phonics the children
7. Starfall's Learn to Read with phonics
8. Phonics Lessons, Worksheets and           Resources
9. Remedial Reading Strategies(with list of        word famlies for all vowels, vowel combinations,      consonants and consonant blends)
Elementary Common Core Standards for SmartBoard / Prometheam Activeboard
Grades 1 through 6 Reading Strategies / Skills  Interactives
 Excellent site for Grades Pre-K through Third Grade  

Excellent Instructional and Interactive Links
Language Arts Applications /
Interactive's . Movies . Animations
Grades Pre-school Through Fifth Grade / Also Social Studies Applications
Primary Educational Resources Grades Pre-k through Third
 for Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Reading and Science / Phonic 
Primary Math Skills
All New!!! Promethean/SmartBoard 
Resources by Subject and Core Standards! Instructional Interactives
Lang. Arts
Social Studies
Social Interactive Websites
For Grades K through 5
NEW>>  Math Interactive Games For All Math Standards In Grades K-5th. 
Common Core Reading Standards  Figurative Languange and Reading Comprehension Lessons and Interactives Exercises
NEW>>E-Learning Interactive Lessons on Elementary Math Core State Standards

Math Online Dictionary
 with definitions and examples for all math terms
The Literacy Center for Preschool and Kindergarten
Learn numbers
This will show the number and say it. Click on the arrow and it will take you to the next number
Shapes and Circles
Many different interactive activities for shapes. Click the numbers at the top for a different learning mode
Many different interactive activities for colors. Click the numbers at the top for a different learning mode
Upper / Lower Case
Match the lower case letter with the upper case letter and other options. Click the numbers at the top for a different learning mode
For colors and shapes. Match with audio. Click the numbers at the top for a different learning mode
Will show students with animation how to form lower and upper case letters and shapes. Click on numbers at the top to switch modes
 Animated Instructional
 Educational  Videos / All Subjects
Science and Math Study Jams. Excellent animated instructional videos, lessons and interactive's on all common core state math/Science standards
Instructional Educational Interactives / Numbers / Letters / Colors / Shapes
Instructional Educational Videos / All Subject Areas
Interactives Games On All Common Core State Standards / All Subjects
Language Arts Interactives
Games  And Online Instructional Interactuives On All Language Arts Skills
Science  Interactives
Games On All Science Skills
Instrustional Interactives and Educational Games

IInstructinSocial Studies  Interactives
Games  and  Instructional Interactives On All Social StudiesSkills
Math  Interactives
Games and Online Instructional Interactives On All Math Skills
BrainTeasers Interactives
Games On All Science Skills
Music  Interactives
Games On All MusicSkills
Art  Interactives
Games On All Art Skills
Typing Interactives
Games On All Typing Skills
Holiday Interactives
Games On All Holiday Skills
Interactive Math
Interactive Math Skills/ All Common Core Math Skills For Elementary Schoo

Interactive Literacy
Interactive Literacy Skills
Instructional Interactives and Game
Interactive Science
Interactive Science Skills
Interactive Games All Subjects / Grades
All Math Games
Interactive Math  Skills
Interactives Games On All Common Core State Standards / All Subjects
Excellent For The  "COMMON SENSE" Use Of Technology In The Classroom
Incorporates The Five Senses For Obtaining Knowledge