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Angles Interactive
AAAMATH Measurement
Area and Perimeter
Circles Math
Clocks and Time
coins and dollars
Customary Units for Measuring
Estamate measurements
Measuring Angles Interactive
Angles Measuring Interactive
Interactive Educational Games
Inches and Feet
K - 12 Quiz Hub
Educational Videos K - 12 Instruct
ESOL SmartBoart Favorites
elapsed time in hours and half hours
Elementary Educational Sites
Elementary School Level Questions: Ask Dr. Math
Elementary Promethean/Smartboard 
Elementary Smartboard Links
English system of measurement
equivalent standard units of length
Fahrenheit and Celsius 
Games on measurement
Geometry Interactive's
Geometry interactive's
grams and kilograms
grams and kilograms
Group objects by like properties 

How do you measure up
Length, Mass and Volumn
Mass VS Weight
Measure Lessons K-6
Measurement and Time Printable's
measurement conversion table
Measurement Lessons
Measurement Worksheets
Math for grades 3-6 all skills
Math Skills Grades K-5
Mass, Volume Density Interactive
Metric and English Games
Metric PowerPoints
Measure mass, using grams 

Measuring Interactive
Measurement -Equivalents
Measurement K-1
Measurement Interactive
Measurements - Johnny's Math Page
measure to the nearest standard unit 
Measures Interactives
Measure to nearest half inch
Measuring Measurement Custome/metric
Measurement Interactive's
Measurement - Fun Brain
Measure capacity, using milliliters and liters 
Measuring tools and units 
Measurement - AAA Math
Measurement Math Games
Money Make change
Middle Sch Promethean/ Links
name two-dimensional shapes
ounces and pounds 
Ruler, learn to read the rules
Sixth Grade Measurement
 Smartboard/Promethean Links
Tools of measurement
tools and units (customary and metric

Protractor Interactive
ruler to measure 
SmartBoard Activities For Teachers
SmartBoard Favorites for ESL Learners
SmartBoard Interactive Links
SmartBoard/Promethean by Subject Activities
Thermometer How it works
Time, Telling
Tell time to the minute
time in days and weeks
Teach Videos All Subjects
Teaching Videos for K - 12
Teaching Videos, All subject areas
Under Over estimates
unit fractions to the face of the clock
Vitural Manipulations Grades 3-4
Weight on other worlds
Worksheets, Super Teacher
GPS and CORE Standards With Activities
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Other Measurement Resources

Elementary Math Measurement

Measurement Web Links

Systems of Measurement - Conversions 

 General Measurement Resources 

Measurement All Standards

The lessons and materials available here come from a variety of sites and organizations. Some include offers for video or software, and some are lesson plans. Where the originals are Claris or Acrobat (PDF) documents, we have for the most part converted them to HTML, leaving a link back to the parent page from which you can download the formatted version

Measurement Worksheets for Practice
Here is a graphic preview for all of the measurement worksheets. You can select different oblects and reading scales to practice measuring and reading real world examples.These measurement worksheets are randomly created and will never repeat so you have an endless supply of quality measurement worksheets to use in the classroom or at home. Our measurement worksheets are free to download, easy to use, and very flexible.

These measurement worksheets are a great resource for children in Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, and 5th Grade

Measurement Worksheets and Games 

3rd,4th, 5th Grade Measurement and Data
This page provides examples of 4th Grade Measurement and Data Activities aligned with the Common Core State Standards. These activities are designed to elicit a range of responses and provide opportunities for students to communicate their reasoning and mathematical thinking. All activities are suitable for use in Math Centers, small group or whole class settings. Instructions for each task are typed in large print and written in child-friendly language to enable students to work on activities independently after a brief introduction to the task. All files for the 4th Grade Measurement and Data Activities listed are in PDF format and can be accessed using Adobe Reader. For examples of 3rd and 5th Grade Measurement and Data Activities see the links below.