Mathematics, Pre-algebra and Algebra Quick Links
Column One

Instructional Videos 

Solving a variable equation
How do you solve 5(2x + 7) = 45?
How do you solve an inequality?
What is PEMDAS?
Order of Operations
Defining Variables
Additive and Multiplicative Inverses
Simplifying and Combining Like Terms
Solving Single-step Equations
Solving Two-step Equations
Solving Multi-step Equations
Solving Equations Variable on Both Sides
Plotting Points and Naming Quadrants
Definition of Slope
Finding the Slope of a Line from a Graph
Graphing Lines using a Table of Values

Addition Tutorials
Addition Lessons
Addition Kindergarten
Add and Subtraction Kindergarten
Adding 3 Plus NUmbers
Adding 2 digits w/regrouping
6th Grade math Interactive'sAbsolute Value Video
algebra-solve for x
Algebra Introduction to 
Algebra Equations Games
Algebra Flash Cards
Algebra, a self study course
Pre-Algebra Lessons
Algebra Intro To
Algebra Rules Of
Algebra  Basic excellent
Algebra Graphing HOME
Algebra Basics Videos
Algebra, Pre Standards
Algebra Videos
Algebra Word Problems
Algebra Solving for X
addition Tutorials
Calculators, Algebra
Angle Constructing a 60 degree
Finding the third angle of a triangle
Finding the fourth angle of a quadrilateral
Angles  Measurement
Angles Corresponding
Surface area of a rectangular prism-----= 
Surface area and volume 
Surface area and volume 
Angle making a 30 degree angle
Angles Measuring
Algebra Help
AAA Math
All about polygons
Angle Matching
Angle Saucer
Angle Flip Cards
Angles With Protractor Usages
Area of a Circle
Area Video
]Everything about Area/Perimeter
Area of an irregular polygon
Area of a square definition w/practice
Area and Perimeter Game
Area Perimeter and Circumference Game
Area and Perimeter
Area of a Parallelogram
Area Partners
Area of a Rectangle Quiz
Funbrain - Area
aaamath Area and Perimeter
Area and Perimeter Jeoardy Game
Area and Perimeter Activity
Area Understanding
Area Practice
Area of Circle w/practice
Area using Units
Area of Rectangle Definition
Area Quiz
Area Brainpop Video
Area of a Circle activity stop
Angle Making a 45 degree angle

Bar Graphs How to read
Basic operations and factoring

Calculations ages 3 to 5
Cash Back, A tutorial
Clock Analog
Clock Stop the clock 1
Clock Stop the clock 2
Clock Stop the clock 3Compare Fractions Video
Comparing Fractions
Comparing Ordering Numbers
Compare Numbers
Congruent and Supplementary
Coordinate Plane
Circle Parts
Circumference of a Circle
Circumference Math Expression Practice
Circumference Definition
Circumference Practice
Circumference Cool Math
Cirmference Math Warehouse Practice
Comparing Fractions Balloons
Coordinates Planes 1
Coordinate Planes 2
Coordinate Planes 3
Coordinate Planes 4
Coordinate Planes 5
Coordinate Planes 6
Coordinate Planes 7
Coordinate Planes8
Coordinate Planes 9
Coordinate Planes 10
Coordinate Planes 11
Coordinate Planes 12
Coordinae Planes 13
Coordinate Plane 14
Cool Math Links
Coordinates - all 4 quadrants
Comparing Decimals1
Comparing fractions
Comparing fractions 2
Comparing Fractions 3
Critical Thinking Problems
Coordinates learn
Coordinates Learn 2
Coordinate, Grids, Algebra
Cost Per Unit
counting Ages 5 to 7
Customary length 
Counting Pre-K,Kindergarten
CRCT Games
CRCT Games all subjects
CRCT Practice Test
Circumference and areas of circles


Data Picking Graphs
Data Handeling
Data Representing Video
Data Collecting.Recording Video
Decimals Decimals and more Decimals
Decimals w/Base Ten Blocks
Decimal Place Value
Decimal Darts
Decimals Clock
Decimal Jeopardy
Decimal - Ordering
Decimal Ordering1
Decimal Ordering 2
Decimal Ordering 3
Decimal Ordering 4
Decimal Ordering 5
Decimal Ordering6
Decimal Ordering7
Decimal Place Value
Decimals How To Multiply Video
Decimals In Space/ Ordering Numbers
Decimals/ Dividing Explanation
Decimal Rounding
Decimals Rounding Practice 2
Decimal Rounding3
Decimal Rounding3
Decimals - comparing
Division Long How To Do Video
Division Facts
Division Facts
Dividing Decimal Explanation
Dividing Decimal Quiz
Dividing Decimals Understanding
Dividing Decimal Practices
Dvisibility Video
Dvisibility the Review
Divisibility Guide
Divisibility Practice 1
]ivisibility Practice 2
Divisibility Practice 3
Divisibility Practice 4
Divisibility Practice 5
Divisibility Practice 6
Divisibility Practice 7
Divisibility Practice 8
Divisibility Practice 9
Divisibility Practice 10
Divisibility Practice 11
Divisibility Practice 12
Divisibility Practice 13
Data and Statistics
Data Handling and Investigations 3- 5
Decimals, Whole Numbers,
Decimals, fractions, Percents
Decimals Divide By Powers Of Ten Video
Decimals How To Divide Video
Decimals Adding Using Models Video
Decimal Add and Subtract
Decimals, Whole Numbers, and Exponents
Decimals, A tutorial
Decimal Equivalent
Decimals Rounding
Decimals and Fractions
Decimal Math Games
Decimals Rounding

Distance Rate Time
Direct Variation
Indirect/Inverse Variatio
Divisibility Rules
Divisibility Rules Interactive
Division, A tutorial
Division / Multiplication Flashcards
Division Basic steps
Division Long division practice
Division Long practice
Determining the Relations
Decimal Basics Part 1
Decimal Basics Part 2
Decimal Point
Division Machine
Division Lessons
Division Tutorial
Divisibility Rules
Divisibility Rules Video
Divisibility test
Division Intro Video
Division Bingo
Drawing Conclusions
Long Division Practice Excellent
Division Video into large numbers
Long Division Worksheets
Long Division worksheets Inter
Div Worksheets Advanced
Divisibility Math Facts


Expanded Form
Equation Practice
Expanded Form
Eight Grade Science Test
Elementary Math Resources
Eight Grade CRCT
Linear Equation From a Table
Practice: Writing a Linear Equation From a Table
Practice: More Writing a Linear Equation From a Table
Equations with Integers (printable worksheet and answers)
Equations missing Numbers
Equations with Integers (game)
Equations Solving Games
Equation Writing Game
Equation Practice (addition equations)
Equation Practice (subtraction equations)
Equations and Inequalities
Exponential Notation
Expanded form


Math Flashcards for Addition,
Adding & Subtracting Fractions Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
Math Videos
Factor Millionaire
Factor Tree Game
Factor Tree Practice
Factor tree Practice 1
Factors and Multiple Practice 2
Fractions What Are They?
Fractions (Adding)
Fractions How Do You Ad Video
Fraction Parts
Fraction Flower
Shading in Fractions
Fractions (adding unlike denominator)
Fractions (adding 2)
Fractions (subtracting)
Fraction (subtracting 2)
Fractions - Improper/Addition
Fractions (Show Me How)
Fractions (Multiplying)
Fractions (How To Multiply and Practice Game)
Improper Fractions
Fractions Dividing Practice
Fraction Flag
Fractions-Equivalent 1
Visual Fractions
Fractions - Equivalent 2
Fractions - Equivalent 3
Fractions All Types
Fractions How Do You Reduce Video
Fractions Changing To Decimals
Fractions Multitype
Fractions - Multiply
Equivalent Fractions
Fractions Convert To Decimals Video
Fractions - Improper/Addition
Function Chart Praction 1
Fraction worksheets******
Factors and multiples 2
Factoring Demo
Factors and Multiples
Fifth Grade math
First Grade Interactive's
First Grade Math Skills
Flash Cards Interactive
Fraction Bar
Fraction / Decimal Grid
Worksheets, Fractions
Fractions Tutorials
Fractions Interactive
Fractions How To Add Video
Fraction Kite Fractory
Fraction Topics
Fractions and Fractions 2D
Fractions Improper/Mixed Numbers
Fraction Basics
Fractions How To Divide Video
Fractions all skills
Fractions Interactive
Fractions, Multiplying
Fractions Compare And Order Video
Fractions, Subtracting
Fractions, Subtracting
Fractions All Topics
Fractions Dividing
Fractions decimials percents Interactive
Fractional Parts Instruction
Fractions and Decimals
Fractions Reducing
Fractions Basics Tutorial
Fraction Find A fraction Of A Number
Fractions Converting Mixed 
numbers and improper fractions
Fractions, Decimals and Percents
Fractions  / Decimals
Fractions Basic instruction
Fractions, Tutorials for beginners
Flashcards Division/Multiplication
Fractional Parts
Fractions How To Reduce Video
Function Notation Evaluating Video

GPS and CORE Standards With Activities
In Alphabetical order
To search for a specific skill, Click on the EDIT menu on your browers Menu bar, click on"Find on this page" then type in what you are looking for, then press NEXT

A set of data with more than one mode
How many milliseconds are in 1 day?
Can you explain the metric system?
How do you read a stem and leaf plot?
Word problem - changing averagesFractions Tutorial
Fractions - Basic Math
Factions Recognizing & Comparing
Fractions Interactive Practice
Fractions, Interactive
Formulas, Geometry
Function Find it 1
Function Find 2
Function Machine
Function Man Website
Functions Machines and Formulas

Geometry Videos
Area of a triangle
Area of a trapezoid
Area and perimeter
Area of circles
Area of trapezoids
Calculating the midpoint
Polygon angle sum
Pythagorean Theorem
Square Root operations
Surface Area of cone
Surface Area of cylinders
Surface Area complex
Surface Area of prisms
Surface Area of pyramids
Triangle angle sum
Using a protractor
Volume of cones
Volume of cylinders
Volume of prisms
Volume of pyramids

Geometric Shapes Flashcards
Graph Different Kinds
]Graph (Circle)
]Graphing Data
]Graphing a Tally Chart
Graphing Bugs
Graphing Frequency Chart
Graphs All About Them
Graphing Challenge
Geometric Shapes
Geometric Shapes
Goemetric Shapes
Geometry Practice
Geometric Games
Geometry and Measurement Study Cards
Geometric Games (lots)
Greatest Common Factor
Greatest Common Factor
GCF and LCD Video
Greatest Common Factor
Greatest Common Factor
Graph Paper
Grid Challenge
Educational Games
Games, Math
Games FREE for kids
Geometry Online
Geometry Math Games
Geometry Manipulative
Geometric Matching Interactive
Geometric Shapes
geometric matching
Intro to Geometry
Geometry videos
Graph Create one
Graph Let's Graph
Graphing Prectice1
Graphing Prectice 2
Notes on Graphing Equations
Graph Create One
Graphing Overview
Greater Less Than Interactive's
Graphing Equations Tutorial


Help - Various Skills
Help - Various Skills
Help Yopou Child Lean Math
Hierarchy of Decimal Numbers,


Integers Positive and Negative 
Interactive Educational Games

Data Videos

A set of data with more than one mode
How many milliseconds are in 1 day?
Can you explain the metric system?
How do you read a stem and leaf plot?
Word problem - changing averages

Math Play Ground
Cool Math Links
Math Help
Math Multipractice
Mean Mode Median & Range
Measuring Games
Measuring Game Practice
Measuring w/ruler
Measure It
Teaching Measurements
Measuring Triangular Shapes
Measuring Activities
Measuring Video
Median and Mode Play
Median Game
Unit of Measurements
Math Fact Cafe
Math Testprep
Math Drills
Math Drills
Math Worksheets
Rainforest Math (K-6)
Math Fun at home
Math Challenge
Geometry and Measurement Study Cards
Mixing in Math
Multiples Practice 1
Multiples Practice 2
Least Common Multiple
Practical Use of Math and Science
Web Math Help
Teaching Measurement
Math Interactive Sites All Grades
Math Interactive sites for
Metric units and Measurement
Middle Sch Promethean/
 Links SmartBoards
Math Interactive's All Grade Levels
K - 12 Quiz Hub
Area and Volume\
Math Kindergarten SmartBoard Math
Math, a self study course
Interactive Website
Inverse Operations
Least Common Multiple
Kindergarten Math Interactive's
Kindergarten Math Skills
Length, Area and Volume
Inverse Between Addition 
and Subtraction
Inequality Word Problems
Integers Introduction to Integers
Adding Integers
Subtracting Integers
Multiplying/Dividing Integers
Inverse Relationship Between 
Addition and Subtraction
Kindergarten Math Interactive
Learn The Facts
Laws of Ariithmetic
Least Common Multiple
Least Common Multiple
LCM Space Practice
LCM Practice 2
Math Basics
Math / English Interactive's
Basic Multiplication Video
Math InteractiveTutorials  
all Objectives
Math Worksheets
Math Tutorials EXCELLENT
Measurement Manipulative
Mean, Median, Mode and Range
Mean Median Mode 2
Metric Length
Measures Teaching
Multiplication Table Video
Multiplication Definition of
Multiplication Video 2 digits by 1
MATH games
Math PowerPoints
Math  All Quizzes
Math League Help Topics
Math League All Math Objectives
Math Teaching Videos
Math Worksheets all standards
Math Test Online Interactive Index
Math Teaching Videos2
Math Science Interactive's Practice
Math Basic Teach Videos
Math Dictionary for kids
Math Videos Tutorials
Map Scale Problems
Notes and Practice with Map Scale Problems
Measurement ages 3 to 5
Mean Medium Mode Video
Measurement Money
Measurement all standards
Measurement Weight
Measurement Equivalents
Measurrement Length Rules
Metric Unit Converter
Mixed Numbers
Money Math Videos
Multiplication / Lattice /
 Division Lessons
Multiplication Drills
Multiplication Practice
 missing Factor
Multiplication Instruction
Multiplication Tables
Multiplication Time Flashcards
Math Benchmark Test
Math Dictionary For Kids
Math Video Tutorials
Math Videos All Skills
Math Videos Mathbyoz
Math Videos, Online instruction
Math Videos, Teacher Instructed
Math Standards sor
Math Number, Shape, 
Data Interactive's
Math Smartboard/
Promethean Links


Negative Numbers
Negative Numers Operations With
Negative Numbetrs Comparing
Number Line Comparing
Number Videos
Number Line, The
Number Patterns
Net Activity Practice
Math Tutorials all standards EXCELLENT
 2 numbers
Negative Number
Notation and Place Value
Number Operations
Number Line Interactive
Number Operations all standards
Number Theories
Number Types
Numbers Rational Numbers
Numbers, Rounding
Numbers, Using Rational


Order of Operations
Online Educational Videos
Operations and properties
Online Math Activities in our textbook
Online Math Activities in our textbook
Ordering Decimals Practice 1
Ordering Decimals Practice 2
Ordering Decimals Practice 3
Ordering Decimals Practice 4
Order of Operations Practice 1
Order of Operations Practce 2 Order of Operations Practice 3
Order of Operations Practice 4
Order of Operations Practice 5
Order of Operations Practice 6
Order of Operations Practice 7
Order of Operations 8
Order Of Operation Worksheet

Order of Operations Pemdas Game
Order of Operations Millionaire Game
Order of Operations Practice (all positive values)
Order of Operations Practice (flash cards and memory)
Order of Operations Practice (integers)
Order of Operations Practice (integers, puzzle game)
Order of Operations Practice (integers, game)
Ordering sequencing
 ages 3 to 5
Order of Operations Practice


Area of a Parallelogram
Parents Page
Place Value
Place Value 1
Place Value 2
Area and Perimeter
Perimeter Explorer
Permiter Video
Perimeter of a Parallelogram
Everything about Area/Perimeter
Perimeter House
aaamath Area and Perimeter
Polygon Matching
Polygon (regular)
Prime and Composite Numbers
Prime and Composite Practice 1
Prime and Composite King Kong Practice
Prime Number What Is It Video
Prime and Composite Practice 2
Prime and Composite Practice 3
Prime and Composite Practice 4
Prime and Composite Practice 5
Prime and Composite (6th grade) Practice 6
Prime and Composite Practice 7
Prime and Composite Practice 8
Prime Factorization
Prime Factorization Video
Problem Solving
Probability and Statistics
Place Value
Place Value Millionaire Game
prime factorization 1
Probability and Statistics
Percent Lesson
Pre-Assessment and 
Post-Assessment Tools
Powers and Roots
Promethean, SmartBoard 
Websites by Subject
PowerPoint for teaching 
all subjects
PowerPoint Presentations
 by grade and subject
Place Value
Place Values
Place Values 3
Place Values Decimals
Properties of integers
All 4 Operations (Jeopardy-style game)

Percent Applications
Percent How To Find Percent Of A Sale
Percent and Probability
Percent Convert Fractions To Percent
Percent Video
Percent change
Patterns, Relationships and Functions
Percent Applications
Understanding Percents
Perimeter and Area on polygons
Perimeter Explorer
Percents, A Tutorial
Percents and decimals video
Percents, Understanding
Place Value ages 5 to 7
Place Values / Decimals
Place Value Notation / Graphic
Place Values - 2 digit Numbers
Place Values of Decimals
Place Value Grade 1
Place Value,Rounding, 
order of numbers
Polygon Dissection Gallery
Positive and negative numbers
Pre-Algebra Standards Lessons
Primary Math Skills
Primary Counting
Prime Numbers
Prime Factorization
Interactive Factor Tree Game
Prime and Composite Numbers
Prime Factor Quiz
Probability Theory
Probability Intro
Probability Videos
Proper Improper Fractions
Properties in math
Proportions Video
Proportion Notes and Practice
Proportions Practice (game)
Proportion Word Problem Practice (game)
Pythagorean Theorem
Math Quizzes Interactive
Rhombus What is it
Grade 3 Reading - 2008 
VDOE Released Items



Ratios and Proportions
Ratio and Proportion Help (Power Point with Practice)
Ratio, Rate, Percent
Ratio and Proportion
Ratio Videos
Ratio What Is A Ratio Video
Ratios What Are Equal Ratios Video
Ratios and proportions
Rational Irrational numbers

Rounding Numbers Video


Second Grade - Topics
Second Grade Math Skills
Shapes amd Measure Videos
Skills 1st through 5th
Notes: Geometric Symbols
Word Problem Practice
 Smartboard/Promethean Links
SmartBoard Activities For Teachers
SmartBoard Favorites for 
ESL Learners
SmartBoard Interactive Links
SartBoard/Promethean by 
Subject Activities
Scientific Notation
Scientific Calculator
Intro to Statistics
Statistics probability
Standards(math) sorted by subject'
Square Roots, Simplifying
Square Root
Square Root 2
Square Root 3
Square Root PowerPoint
Square Root Videos
Subtraction, A tutorial
Subtraction Lessons
Subtracting Regrouping Video
Standard Deviation Tutorials
Symbolic Logic
Symbols and Patterns

==================  june 10
Tables and Graphs
Tables Read a
Time Tables  How Can I learn Video
Time Bang on Interactive
Teach Videos All Subjects
Teaching Videos for K - 12
Teaching Videos, All subject areas
Tell Time Interactive Game
Telling Time Video Interactive
Telling Time Videos
Third Grade Math Skills
Time Primary Grades
Times Table Lessons
Times Matching
Telling Time Games
triangles Classifying triangles by angle 
Math Test Prep
Tutorials All Grades
Typing, Reference,Cursive,Genres
Units of Measurement, Table of
Volume of a rectangular prism 

Weights and measurement, Tables
Whole numbers properties 
Word Problems Solving Strategies
Word Problem Interactive's
Word Problems Videos
Word Problems Real World
Word Problems Real World 2
Worksheets, Super Math
Writing Interactive's


Volumn Video

Math Kindergarten Standards
First Grade Standards 
Second Grade Standards
Third Grade Standards
Fourth Grade Standards
*Fourth Grade Math Skills Links*
Fifth Grade Standards
Sixth Grade Standards
**Sixth Grade Key Math Standards**
Seventh Grade Standards
Eight Grade Standards

Algebra Test Prep Center

Tons Of Math Resources
Regents Exam Test Prep

Regents Exam Test Prep Geometry

Other Math Resources
Algebra Videos
American Public University System

A Self Study Course for Algebra 1

2000 Math Instructional Videos

A Self Study Course in Skills in Arithmetic

A Self Study Course in  in Plane Geometry

A Self Study Course in  The evolution of the real numbers


Select a section that you want to work on. Find a similar problem, make sure your sound is on, and you will be talked and walked through just how to solve the algebra problem


This is a self-directed course. This means you are free to set your own study hours and rate of progress. However, it also means you are solely responsible for tracking your own progress and mastering the topics as you go along. Possible to complete in about a month


- Math for Morons Like Us

In this section of the site, we'll try to clear up some common problems encountered in pre-algebra.  We'll cover everything from the basics of equations and graphing to everyone's favorite - fractions

Use these helpful worksheets to improve your performance results in algebra

Algebra Math Worksheets / Printables. Algebra Math Related Teachnology Resources. Addition and Subtraction Algebra 1 · Addition and Subtraction Algebra 2 ..

Printable Worksheets. Algebra Worksheet #1. Name:____________________. Find the value of X. Example: X + 7 = 14 Subtract 7 from both sides 

This page includes simple algebra worksheets suitable for elementary and middle school students. These algebra worksheets are free to use and copy. 

Quadratic Equations

Algebra - Math for Morons Like Us
Everything from the basics of solving equations to exponents, and from graphing to word problems (which people seem to absolutely love) will be covered.

Pre-Algebra - Math for Morons Like Us

In this section of the site, we'll try to clear up some common problems encountered in pre-algebra.  We'll cover everything from the basics of equations and graphing to everyone's favorite - fractions.

Free Algebra worksheets
 with one step addition equations (ex: x+2 =4), one step Subtraction equations (ex: x-2 =4), Addition and Subtraction equations(ex ...

A set of algebra worksheets
 by math tutor Jeff to help enhance algebraic understanding and improve academic performance. 

Worksheet Index

Standards for School Mathematics

Arithmatic Math Instructional Videos
Teacher instructed math videos
You have the ability to foward and rewind each video

Mathematically proficient students start by explaining to themselves the meaning of a problem and looking for entry points to its solution. They analyze givens, constraints, relationships, and goals. They make conjectures about the form and meaning of the solution and plan a solution pathway rather than simply jumping into a solution attempt. They consider analogous problems, and try special cases and simpler forms of the original problem in order to gain insight into its solution. They monitor and evaluate their progress and change course if necessary. Older students might, depending on the context of the problem, transform algebraic expressions or change the viewing window on their graphing calculator to get the information they need. 
Mathematically proficient students can explain correspondences between equations, verbal descriptions, tables, and graphs or draw diagrams of important features and relationships, graph data, and search for regularity or trends. Younger students might rely on using concrete objects or pictures to help conceptualize and solve a problem. Mathematically proficient students check their answers to problems using a different method, and they continually ask themselves, “Does this make sense?” They can understand the approaches of others to solving complex problems and identify correspondences between different approaches.

Mathematics Assessment Tools
Assessment Home 
•Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System Portal (DCAS) 
•DCAS Reports 
•Accountability Information
•District Information
•School Information
•National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) 
•The Nation’s Report Card – official NAEP website
•An Overview of NAEP
•NAEP Assessment Administration 
•NAEP Results and Data – snapshot reports and results for Delaware students
•Educator Resources – NAEP frameworks, sample items, and Delaware NAEP documents
•Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) 
•Delaware Student Testing Program (DSTP)
•ELA Assessment Tools 
•Linking the Common Core State Standards for Reading, Classroom Instruction, and DCAS
•Math Assessment Tools 
•Specifications for Select High School Courses and End-of-Course Assessments
Specifications for Select High School Courses and End-of-Course Assessments - This document contains the specifications for all end-of-course content areas including Algebra II and Integrated Mathematics III.

Delaware's Common Core State Standards for Mathematics Assessment Examples - The following documents are designed to help understand the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) by providing examples that show a range of format and complexity.  They are works in progress, and it does not represent all aspects of the standards

Educator Resources

Interactive Math Glossary

Math Tutorials