(1) Causes of the Civil War
2 min - Jun 23, 2008
Get background on the causes of the Civil War and its cost to a young nation
(2) Academic Earth - Legacies of the Civil War
49 min - Jan 18, 2009
Professor Blight finishes his lecture series with a discussion of the legacies of the Civil War. Since the nineteenth century, Bligh
(3) Civil War High Tech: Excavating the Hunley and Monitor
182 min - Apr 25, 2003
In the last few years, archaeologists have recovered two of the Civil War's most ingenious inventions: the Union ironclad warship .
(4) Guns Of The Civil War
45 min - Nov 18, 2008
Guns Of The Civil War
Civil War Videos
(6) What the South was really fighting for in the Civil War
3 min - Mar 24, 2008 - Uploaded by ConfederateSoilder
A Video i made to show you the real truth behind what the Civil War was fought for in the South and it was for a horrible tarriff
(5) The Civil War - A Very Bloody Affair (Episode 2 of 9)
68 min - Feb 18, 2009
Documentary on the American Civil War
(7) The Civil War - A Very Bloody Affair (Episode 2 of 9)
68 min - Feb 18, 2009
Documentary on the American Civil War
(9) Impact of the Civil War on the Children of the South
62 min - Aug 4, 2010
Anya Jabour talked about her book [Topsy-Turvy: How the Civil War Turned the World Upside Down for Southern Children] (Ivan 
(8) Best Civil War Photos
10 min - Mar 28, 2009 - Uploaded by sovereignpatriotusa
Best Civil War Photos
(17) Civil War reenactments (sometimes misspelled as Civil War reinactments) can give you a glimpse into history and what it was like during this trying period in American history.  These reenactments can give you a feel about what it was like during that time. I've included some re-enactment videos below, and you can also find History Channel Civil War DVDs here. We have also started a FREE directory for Civil War Reenactment events. You can add your event or find one in your area at the bottom of this page
(16) The American Civil War and Reconstruction Video Lecture Course

5+ items – Video Lectures, Video Courses, Science Animations, Lecture ...

• 1. Introductions: Why Does the Civil War Era Have a Hold on American Historical
• 2. Slavery, King Cotton, and Antebellum Americas "Peculiar" Region – 52 min
• 3. A Southern World View: The Old South and Proslavery Ideology – 51 min
(18) Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Addressby tiercel76205314 views; Thumbnail Animated Hero Classicsby NatureLover987PLAYLIST 97 videos 
(42) American Civil  War
A collection of videos
1 America Divided
2. Civil Wars Greatest Muth
3. Civil War Tech
4. Meaning of the Civil War
5. America and the Civil War
6. Abraham Lincoln
7. Confederate vs. Union
8.Civil War Turning Point
9Legacy of the Civil War
10. Lincoln's most pivotal speech
11. Coroner's Report Stonewall Jackson
12. Chamberlain at Gettysburg
13. Gettysburg Battle Strategy
14 Lincoln's War Machine
15. Last Chance at Gettysburg
(29) The Civil War: All Night Forever Conditions were dire for slaves on the plantation. Only 4 out of 100 lived to be 60
(28) The Civil War: Gettysburg July 3, 1863: The third day of Gettysburg marked a change in the tide of the war
(30) Civil War in Film (1 of 3) 
Civil War battles from "Gods and Generals" and "Cold Mountain". Battles of Bull Run, Chancellorsville, and Petersburg

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