Promethean/Activeboard Smathboard Technology
 Instruction/Activities In  All Subject Areas. Tutorials and games Excellent! Games
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 Instructional Materials for Math, Language Arts and Social  Studies
Promethean/Activeboard Smathboard Technology
 Instruction/Activities In  All Subject Areas. Tutorials and games
Promethean/Activeboard Smathboard Technology
 Instruction/Activities In  All Subject Areas. Tutorials and gamesExcellent!Games
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Primary - 4 - 11 Years Homepage
Educational websites and interactive games for the 4-11 year olds. All Subjects 
Interactive Common Core State Standards Games / Videos / NewsClips All  Subject Areas
Secondary - 11 - 16 Years Homepage
Learning resources including GCSE Bitesize.
Secondary - 11 - 16 Years Homepage
Learning resources including GCSE Bitesize.
Schools A-Z
The complete A-Z listing of all of the BBC Schools websites listed by website name, subject or topic.
16+ Homepage
AS and A2 level help from AS Guru, message boards and SOS Teacher.
Excellent Interactives, Videos, On Common Core State Standards
 All Subjects / All Grades
You Have to See This. It Is Awesome !!
Integrating Technology Aligned To Common Core State Standards 
All Subjects / All Grades Including The Atrs, Special Education, Autisum and Much More

Vocabulary Development For Primary School
Antonyms, Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs
Multiple Meanings of Words 
Science Simulations
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Online Science
All Science Standards / All Grades / Interactives / Worksheets
The New Common  Core State Standards Resources  / Videos
Great Resources for parents, teachers and administrators explaining the new Common Core State Standards. A great tool for staff training sessions and staff development. Allows parents to get involved with their child's education by explaining what learning objects are taught at each grade level
Learn it your own way
We’ve got six different study modes

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Instructional Videos / Simulation
Introduction To Biology
Introduction To Biology Lectures 
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You can find over 200 Jams on topics on math and science
Earth Science
All Skills ? With Review Test
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Grades K through 6
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Themes and Topics for PowerPoint Presentations In All Subjects
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183 Common Core Videos  Keep Clicking On The  Common Core Under Topics To View All Videos
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Implementing Common Sense Technology In Today's Classrooms
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   Quick Links For Teachers                                                            Primary / Middle School   Interactives                               S.T.E.M Activities        
   Teaching The Flipped Classroom                                               PowerPoint Presentations All Subjects                              English Teaching Videos
   Literacy / Interactives / Computer Resources                           Interactives Games All Subjects                                         English/LA  Videos 
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   Promethean / Smartboard Instructional Resources                 Common Core Math K-5                                                        Educational Websites
   Math Common Core Instructional                                               Projector Instructional Resources All Subjects                Science Instr. Videos
   Resources / Videos / Tutorials                                                    Instructional Teaching Videos All Subjects                        Science Videos
   Science Instructional Resources                                               Math Interactives All Grades                                                Algebra 1 Online
   Promethean SmartBoard Instructional Resources                  Quick Links By Common Core Standards All                       Best History Websites
   Interactive Common Core Standards                                         Subjects. Excellent !!                                                             Math Word Problems
   / Games / Videos All Subjects                                                     Math Flip Charts Grades K-8                                                 Milestones Test For 6,7and 8
  Implimentation Of STEM In Elementary School               K-12 Instructional Resources All Subjects                Graphic Organizers/Literary Strategies
  7 Through 12 Interactives All Subjects                             Language Arts Interactive Resources                !          Worksheets and More Outstanding
   Animated Instruction / All Subjects                                             Essential Elements Of Reading and Phonics                       Math and Science 101

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